Shouty Old Codger

Hyperbolic_Mess 179

Omar list leaning on maw and bhagat with the econ of mopus with some drip and bad pub to power repeated runs with the conspiracy breakers. Turned out to be too slow losing to fast ci and skorp decks and killed by a spicy ice cream HB with brain damage and punitive leaving it 2-3 on the day

11 Oct 2017 doldol161

Why MemStrips? Maw give you 2 MU is that's not enough?

11 Oct 2017 Hyperbolic_Mess

@doldol161 didn't give me enough to keep Data Folding running and loads of people thought I was running DDM because of it :p

13 Oct 2017 SourSweet

-2 datasucker -2memstrip -1turning wheel -1PolOp +2Maxwell +3System Outage +1SalsetteSlums and this deck goes BOOM!

System Outage really controls corps economy!! cause theres a lot more hard draw with these new restrictions and rotation.

really enjoyed play this deck

must say it should get more votes.