I bring my own agenda points

Krams 817

Current iteration of my silly jank deck that doesn't need to steal agendas, because it brings it's own ;)

Changes from first version:

I guess there's not much else to say about it. Just score your own cards ;)

9 Sep 2016 pang4

There's some issue with the maths here, I think, concerning Liberated Chela. If you forfeit Notorieties, you can maximum get to 6 pts. But if you forfeit Fan Site, the corp can prevent you from getting liberated.

The one way this deck seems to be able to win is by installing all 3 fan sites before the corp can score once. That way, you can forfeit all 3 to chelas, the corp can only prevent 1 of them, leaving you at 4 pts, then notoriety for the win.

9 Sep 2016 Krams

Yep, that was the problem why the first version didn't work so well. The Source slowed them down, but it was still too hard to actually install all 3 Fan Sites before the first score and then finish the game before the second.

So, in the end I was left with a used up deck, some cash left, some extra Ashes left and couldn't do anything except to concede. Enter Apocalypse. Now I have the chance to wipe the board and then make a The Maker's Eye run on undefended R&D. And maybe even grab an agenda out of Archives if the Corp thought it was save in a remote behind an ETR ICE.

The deck is still far from being good. It relies on not running to protect itself and the corp not abusing this to rush. And if I can't find Eater (no tutor!) the rest of the combo is stopped by a single Vanilla in front of a central server.
But hey, the deck wasn't meant to be good... I had some fun testing out some jank. Then some guy on JNet asked me to share the decklist and I did.

Maybe I'll find a way to make this work with some kind of actual accessing tool. Like Faust replacing Eater. I don't know.
That could enable me to actually steal agendas, which could then enable "Freedom Through Equality" :D

9 Sep 2016 martinimon

I really like the idea of this deck, I tend to make less competitive or even decent decks, and generally make decks that are fun too play, whether it be one that makes you loose all clicks for the rest of the game to a deck with every NBN card in it (~400 in size), some I make are even practical in this sense.

I'm amazed I haven't thought of doing something like this before.

Nice deck though, I think I might give this one ago, I'd be really happy if I could win a game with this! :D

9 Sep 2016 Krams

I'd be glad to hear if you did :D

11 Sep 2016 Pushover

I think I played against this deck, I was amused because I got to Breaking-EoI for Chela.

Indexing seems like almost a strict upgrade over Maker's Eye, you see 2 more cards and won't accidentally die to snare.

Is Feint better than DDos? Seems better to help get an Apoc or Noteriety off.

11 Sep 2016 martinimon

I've been playing this heaps on Jinteki, Its so much fun to play. still haven't had a win with it yet but had so many close games, the best one I managed to get to 6 points (they got rid of a 3pt to prevent me winning) next turn I removed ashes and ran 3 times, then apocalypsed, ran into rnd and died to fatal AI, (I burnt through the deck to get to this state , which is the case with most games I played with it)

11 Sep 2016 martinimon

I finally got a win with it! I played 3 Notoriety in a turn. Then I got my fan sites cause they scored. I then spent some turns trading clicks for 2pts, They prevented 1 of them, could have prevented the winning one as well, but they had most of the agendas trashed from other things and had already used jackson that game. I had 1 card in hand, (apoc) so if they did stop I would have apoc and than ran and probably died from a shock or something but still I got a win!

12 Sep 2016 martinimon

I've now won about 4/7 games with this deck. I found that the best way is to fan site twice, cause they know you're not going to win, then run with ashes , then score the 3 points from hand. The only thing that could really be changed would be adding a faust and levy if after apoc and makers eye still havent won, cause when you levy you just have a draw engine, wouldn't recommend that though.., Also I wouldn't add DDOS, you dont wanna access cause of snare of shock or literally most things as that will cost you.

If I had the cards I would make an irl version

12 Sep 2016 martinimon

Actually the only thing I could think of would be adding meat protection, shame it doesnt have influence for that, not for scorch or anything, just for things like builder of nations but thats really situational

13 Sep 2016 Krams

@martinimon I'm so happy to see you had fun with my deck :D

@PushoverIndexing instead of The Maker's Eye is a good idea, thanks :)