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NoBuddyIsPerfect 2

This is my first runner deck. I'm fairly new to the game, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

23 Sep 2016 lemonwood

Your big mistake is that you have toolbox along with Security Nexus. You can only install one console at a time and since you sunny, I probably just stick with Security Nexus.

I feel that you could go without so many programs, I don't think you need magnum opus in here, I think you can take these both out, and just add in more data suckers. Data suckers can really be effective when you use Jak sinclair which I think you could use 2.

Data Folding is a card I think be great in a sunny deck (Underworld contacts if you have it). Since most of your breakers don't cost any memory, the drip economy will make up with your lost of the magnum opus. Just try to remember with so many back-up programs, you don't go over the limit.

Those are just a few changes,

23 Sep 2016 ironblue

To clarify, while you can't use programs during the Jak run, triggered effects on programs will still fire. A good reason to consider more suckers as well as mediums, hemorrhages, etc.

Since you're new to the game I would just let you romp around with what you have, honestly. Nothing will teach you what needs to be in and out of a deck like playing it yourself. That said, I think some basic deckbuilding rules will become very apparent to you soon, and you can use those to tighten up what you already have.

Here's the rule of thumb about card slots: 1x if you don't need it in every matchup, 2x if you need to see it at least once a game, and 3x if you don't mind seeing it twice in your opening hand. Rules are made to be broken but many people stick by these for basic pieces like economy and multi access. Some simple changes we can extrapolate as follows:

-Keep 2 of each breaker (1xFemme is fine, Crypsis you may find doesn't synergize well with Sunny as you already lose clicks to GSC, Overmind might be a suitable alternative)

-Keep 2 GSC and Jak, feel free to experiment with more or less but I think you will find 2 is right for them.

-Everything you have in there that gives you money or cards, try for 3 if possible: Threaders, Suckers, Writers, Diesels... You get the idea.

There are many alternate economies and combos to go for, the most popular you can find in the Sunny decks here. Just remember that (many people agree) Sunny's biggest problem is in speeding her up; your late game is a powerhouse, it's getting to that stage before the Corp can build a FA win, flatline threat, or economic shutdown on you that's the problem.

Good luck!