Yet another 7 point CI

bblum 4558

Warned you, told you, nosies, dogs, you get the idea. Only change from before is the 2nd CVS has become a cyberdex trial, but I'm not convinced that's actually better. Either way seems fine.

5-0 in SC today, 5-0 with runner as well. Matchups against regmax, minh max, hayley, noise, and adam. I actually only played power shutdown once all day; twice I just drew to the end of my deck since the runner wouldn't run, and two other times I scored out an EC and then just shipmented 5 or 6 points from hand, thanks to the 2x biotic.

I'm more and more convinced 2x biotic is right. Ongoing debate about whether 1x rototurret is good, or perhaps 2x mom instead of 2x WoS.

Runner deck:

20 Mar 2016 moistloaf

How many games would you guess you have with CI7 at this point? I've always been daunted by the deck from both sides, but maybe it's worth putting in the work to learn inside and out. Grats on another CI win. Now you're the figurehead for 2 IDs!

20 Mar 2016 bblum

Maybe 50 to 70, all time? Feels like about 40 games so far this season. Try it out; it's loads of fun to pilot even before you get good at it. Stimhack league awaits your combos.

20 Mar 2016 Dr Bees

This deck got me 3-1 in SC yesterday. Fun to pilot, and even funnier to watch peoples' faces when they realise they have nothing they can do about it. The loss was when a Noise popped a clone chip after I jacksoned to prepare for diagnostics. Obviously a huge combo disrupter, and therefore probably one of the worst matchups. What tips to you have for playing against Noise? I couldn't find room in the deck for a cerebral static. I could've probably won if I had scored anything earlier or had more in hand, freeing up combo slots, but it was going to be a pretty tight combo anyway. Thoughts?

20 Mar 2016 bblum

I tested cerebral static a bit (cutting a reuse and a food for it) and it's not good enough. The 2nd biotic is key for beating noise; try to FA your EC the normal way and then you can have some redundancy with a ton of spare clicks. Alternatively draw a ton of cards and try to get 3x AD and/or 3x kaguya and/or 6 things to mirrormorph so you have some spare combo slots you don't need. There are some scenarios like this in the puzzle thread at

All told noise is still a really bad matchup, but with 2 biotics and noise down to 1 clone chip (sometimes even 0) (or which you can sometimes hit with power shutdown for 1) I think you can get something like 20-30% winrate.

24 Mar 2016 EnderA

What adjustments do you think will be necessary once people start playing CBI Raid? Do you think Disposable HQ could have a place in the deck, to speed up the combo?