Apoc Dziad, 4th @ Polish Nats 2022

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4 Oct 2022 enkoder

For those curious...

Dziady (plural, lit. "old men, beggars"; singular: dziad), also dziady proszalne ("begging dziady") or dziad kalwaryjski ("calvarian dziad") was a term commonly used in many regions of Poland (as well as in other Slavic countries) to refer to nomadic beggars.

5 Oct 2022 @Bookkeeper

@enkoder what you wrote is true; 'Dziady' ('Forefathers' Eve') was also a Slavic ritual in central Europe: making offerings to the dead. One of Polish literary treasures by Adam Mickiewicz bears that name as its title.

However, for a non-Polish reader, it's worth noting 'dziadek' means 'grandfather'. Singular 'dziad' meant the same but is now an archaic expression. Nowadays it's used as a short version of that word, meaning 'old man' - rather as an insult. Think: traffic & road rage ('that dziad doesn't know how to drive').

What were apo's intentions, naming decks like this one for years - I can only guess ;) but Omar seems to be past his teens.

5 Oct 2022 g4rr3t

Gotta say, I respect both - the comments & apo's deck. He's past his teens. Omar, that is ;)