Apoc Dziad but i changed 1 card and went undeafeated at a CO

gammanet 91

was trying to get tao to work and i think i was trying to setup too much and it just wasnt working. a random omar id had been sitting on my table all week and i was like. yo. i never have played this old dude, whats a deck look like. looked it up, saw that polish nats deck, took it, changed dirty laundry for raindrops, bam. deck.

coolest occurrences were against a shell game PE, i managed to stargate a show of force with 2 cards in hand and 0 in deck while on 5 points. ran archives where there was an anemone. broke it, took my last 2 cards and i managed to win. and another time I raindrops cut stone into an endless eula.

25 Jun 2023 valerian32

Cool deck = D