Toronto Trash Panda (7-2 at Worlds, 59th overall)

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This is a version of the deck that a number of Toronto players brought to Worlds this year. It had different records for different players, but the deck just wrecked all week for me, dropping only three games across the icebreaker, two days of worlds and the King of Servers event.

It faced eight Whizzards (Temujin, Siphon and Dumble) across three tournaments and defeated seven.

A number of players inquired about the list afterwards, so here it is.

I had been playing a "jammy" HB based on @beyoken's lists in the run-up to Worlds, but the consensus was that it just wasn't taxing enough in a meta with Temüjin in every deck.

Enter Mumbad Virtual Tour. In a deck where you're trying to seize tempo by dragging the runner through your remote constantly, forcing them to spend another five credits when they do is great.

Once runners saw it, I found they were more wary of running vs. never advanced cards, which is helpful when you can NA six agendas.

Sure, Whiz can trash it for two, but that means they have to spend real money to trash your other assets. Most of the Whizzards I played ended up bankrupt by the end of the game, letting me score that last agenda with ease.

Lastly, it kind of doubles as an influence free Crisium Grid. Huck it on HQ vs. Siphon decks and they have to come in first and spend five creds trashing it.

Expecting to see a ton of reg-ass Anarchs playing Yog and Net-Ready Eyes, we slotted Hellion Beta Test because of its synergy with MVT. It did tons of work all week, trashing key pieces at key moments. One player just conceded once I trashed their NRE with a Lotus on R&D and the remote.

The rest of the deck is pretty standard, but a few card choices are worth elaborating on.

Launch Campaign: The deck doesn't have time to let an Adonis clog up the server.

Cyberdex Virus Suite: Two copies was the right call, and saved me a bunch of times vs. Medium digs.

Quicksand: Should have just been Wall of Static or Bastion (but we were worried about Atman at 4).

Data Raven: The original list had a spare influence, so I swapped the third Architect for this. It's a good defense against repeated runs on R&D and a nice tax on the remote.

Anyway, give the deck a spin if you don't want to play yellow but still want to win in a meta of only Whizzard. It beat Nexus Kate and good stuff Andy too, and helped me avoid getting swept all week.

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Props to @robomagic for suggesting the MVT include, to @Kwyjibo for testing and refining the deck, and to @seamus for shouting "I don't even have a cat" at me throughout Worlds once he saw the Hellion Beta.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the name, it's because the raccoon (a.k.a. the trash panda) is the unofficial mascot of Toronto.

8 Nov 2016 skydivingninja

How does MVT act as a crisium? If they Siphon you they don't access it and can't trash it, or am I missing something?

8 Nov 2016 lukesim3

@skydivingninjaIt's just a strong bluff. Many runners will try to access an upgrade on HQ prior to Siphoning because they assume it's a Crisium. In this case, if they do, they have to spend 5 credits, which is the same as the trash cost of Crisium.

8 Nov 2016 skydivingninja

Mind games?!?!?!?!?

That's pretty cool thinking actually. :) I like the deck a lot.

9 Nov 2016 Seamus

Ha. Came to shout it again but you beat me to it in the description.

Love this secret tech. Pleasure to meet you and great games.

9 Nov 2016 lukesim3

@Seamus Ditto, Seamus! I had tons of fun playing you at Worlds. Thanks for appreciating the deck.

11 Nov 2016 johnofarc

Love your deck `@lukesim3' and greate job on the placing. I took it to my local last night and didn't lose a single game out of 3 rounds. I made the suggestions you posted changing Quicksand to Bastion and it worked out very well.

Did you ever find the Magnet useful? Granted, I only played three games but it didnt seem like it would make a difference but maybe its just better to have just in case.

Mumbad Virtual Tour is pretty sick. Its incredible how many different cards can be kept inside a server and with a Mumbad Virtual Tour on a central, you can quite possibly reduce them to one run a turn or create a scoring window when put in a remote.

Data Raven seems like the odd man out but I found it pretty relevant as a virtually an ETR ice against non-Anarchs. When they decide to take the tag anyway, ETF can certainly get rich enough to trash resources.

11 Nov 2016 lukesim3

Thanks, @johnofarc! Glad the deck held out for you.

Magnet is there because it's another piece of ice you can rush behind and it doesn't die to Parasite. I don't think its ability fired once during the tournament, so it could be swapped for something else.

The Data Raven could be swapped as well. As I mentioned in the write-up, I had a spare influence and I figured it's a strong tax on R&D and the remote in the early to mid game.

My main concern right now is if the meta shifts hard to Siphon Anarch. The deck isn't really teched to withstand Siphon spam and loses some of its rush power if Faust is on the table. I've tried swapping the Lotus Fields and the Raven for another SanSan and slotting some Turing's for AI hate.

I'm also pondering Architects of Tomorrow, which can at least let you rez ice on other servers for free or very little when they're siphoning.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed the deck. Let me know if you think of any improvements.

12 Nov 2016 johnofarc

I'm toying around with double Turing as well. You are the expert but I think Lotus field is a fantastic piece that locks out a fixed breaker suite.

With the Etf credit, AAL giving you a credit on their turn, Blue Levels and Launch campaigns, I think this deck can bounce back economically from a Siphon.

The Virtual Tours can also help balance the corp economically. I'll let you know what I find!

20 Nov 2016 johnofarc

After a lot of playtesting, this is the build I've come up: I've changed up the ice suite to better defend against AI and I've decided to sacrifice one of the CVS to change it to a Reclamation Order which has been doing a lot of work for me by bringing back AAL's and Biotic Labors.

Quicksands have become Bastions. 1 Magnet and two Quandarys have become three Turings Removed the Data Raven 1 of the Blue Level Clearances have become Sweeps Week to money harder for the expensive ice and to take advantage of the Obelus meta.

21 Nov 2016 lukesim3

We've been toying with some changes as well, dropping the Lotuses and Data Raven to free up space for a second SanSan. With two SanSan, you can cut the third Biotic.

Ice-wise, I'd say three Turing is maybe overkill, unless your meta is all Siphon AI; two is probably the right number. I'm also wary of ditching cheap gear-check ice like Quandary, as the deck relies on rushing early if possible, and needs the right cost curve of ice to do that.

Reclamation Order for AAL sounds fun. I might give it a spin...

21 Nov 2016 johnofarc

Like you said, I think the choices are meta dependent. On the one hand, I love cheap gear check ice, but with my ice package, I'm able to ice up my centrals heavily and just score out with biotics and reclamation order into biotic. Reclamation Order also brings back your economy if you need it by cycling AALs giving you just enough credits to rez another piece of ice. I'm seeing San Sans as

The turings are there so I can double Turing a central and Turing a remote. Runners find it hard to get through but if I could fit in a Quandary, I definitely would. That being said, I might drop the lotus and do two Turing instead.