CATGIRL CAKES - Corp's sequel to Lord of the Things

MrHuds0n 1176

[janks audibly]


This just in.

An unsuspecting Runner bailed out during a Run on a confectionary due to a distraction of a new high quality anime with catgirls.

This is a simple deck, really.

I wanted to make a Haarpsichord deck which utilises its ability to protect its own agendas with other agendas. This is how this Haarp glacier build was born. Your overall objective is get the Runner to steal the cheap onepointers like Award Bait and 15 Minutes so that they can't get the agenda at the bottom of the server.

This is the first iteration of this deck, so it might not be perfect and my card choices can definitely be refined. Unlike many Glaciers, this usually scores out fast, depending on how early you draw into the combo. However as with many combo decks RNG can screw you over really easily here if it doesn't give you the needed cards early.

Marie Antoinette's Dream

Tagging is not the primary strategy here, but I included a couple of tag-punishment cards which can be fast advanced with SanSan or Astro+Breaking News. This is usually to save your arse if you were unlucky with Runner stealing stuff off the top early in the game.

Economy of this deck is mostly driven by the best econ operations from the game. Thankfully one of them is in NBN so we can just pack everything - Sweeps, Hedge, Restructure and a single Medical cause 1 free inf.

This is not a serious deck either.

Don't try taking this to tournaments, please. This is a post-Worlds casual deck to play on the kitchen table, not a competitive... anything, really.

Have fun.

8 Nov 2016 Legitamte

This is some top-shelf jank, I'm gonna sleeve it up immediately. Any thoughts about using News Team as another Kitsune target to boost tagging and offset the agendas you'tr sacrificing?