Always Sunny in the Sanctuary (1st Place Eternal Games SC)

WhackedMaki 874

After watching Kiv play DLR Sunny on his channel I decided it looked fun and made my own variation of it. I cut the Siphon because it wasn't feeling impactful enough and put in Vamp to keep them broke when late game came. Earthrise was out as money could be tight and proactive drawing is more important than lasting drawing. Blockade and Diesel took their place and were both very good on the day. Film Critic to keep NAPD alive and help against the Jinteki in my meta. Blue Sun and this took a 15 player SC with only one loss on the day.

R1- 15 players mean someone gets a bye, it was me. Off to a strong start, 2-0. R2- Sunny loses to CtM when I can't get the full engine online fast enough and scores out the final agenda behind Enigma while I'm on 5 points. Blue Sun beats Andy pretty handily. 3-1

R3- Sunny manages to get the score out against PU with lots of drip econ and Nexus letting me get in where I wanted. Finished on 2 cards left in HQ but he wasn't able to score and nothing further and DLR ran him out of cards. Blue Sun takes down Smoke with ease. 5-1

R4- PU drew all 3 Future Perfect and I stole all of them to win the game. Blue Sun scored out against Null and I win both in around 10 minutes. 7-1

Top 4 R1- Blue Sun takes down Smoke with ease.

R2- Paired up against the same CtM I lost to earlier. I manage to get breakers out, trash his stuff and put him on DLR lock with a key Vamp stealing his money. A misplay on his part could have won him the game, but he trashed my Citadel instead of playing Exchange on Astro Token'd I didn't install the NACH I had in hand, so misplays from both of us.

R3- Blue Sun loses to Geist which means it's Sunny vs RP in the final game.

R4- He makes fast money and starts scoring out before I get the engine online, but I manage to get my breakers out and steal out on the remote with trashing everything he puts down. Fun fact: Jak is a card effect so it gets around ELP, and allows your first click to be running Sundew.

I didn't install the Nexus in either of the last two games and still pulled it off. The deck can go full DLR and win against slower decks, but with Blockade Runner it can dig for what it needs to get into remotes as well.

If you have any questions about card choices or anything else feel free to ask!

27 Nov 2016 Epimer

What are you generally using for the DLR tag with no Account Siphon in the deck? Deliberately unsuccessful John Masanori runs?

Nice to see a Sunny deck winning stuff!

27 Nov 2016 percomis

@EpimerI'd guess Vamp.

27 Nov 2016 Xanshi

@Epimer Use Jak Sinclair to make clickless run then purposely lose your Nexus trace. Or you can jack out to make an unsuccessful run if John Masanori is out.

@percomis Maybe you could add Paparazzi. Makes it easier to tag yourself.

27 Nov 2016 raphaeln

@XanshiI don't think Paparazzi works here, since the combo relies on removing the ta at the end of your turn so that the corp doesn't trash your DLRs on their turn (and with Paparazzi you are permanently tagged), and the deck doesn't have any other resource protection, such as Wireless Net Pavilion or Fall Guy.

27 Nov 2016 WhackedMaki

@Epimer The combo is to run with Jak, Nexus a piece of ice for Power Tap money then jack out for Jon's tag. DLR 4 times and then use Citadel for more Power Tap money and removing the tag. Power Tap allows you to stay above the corp money wise for the Citadel trace, as keeping that tag is real bad.

@Xanshi I wouldn't include Paparazzi. That opens you up to tag punishment which the entire deck is built around not having to deal with.

28 Nov 2016 kevintame

This is a very fun deck to play. I've ran this several times now and I've only lost the first game I played because I didn't know what I was doing. Getting the engine online is bonkers! I love making money while DLRing.

The engine is great, but I've had some very close games that I've won because I got some lucky snags off RD or HQ. I don't think I would have won if I didn't get lucky. All of these games have been when a corp rushes behind an ice or two and i have to play real Netrunner. Getting taxed early pressuring remotes real sucks and slows down building the engine. I've been trying to figure out how to manage pressuring remotes vs building my rig. How do you do this? Do you apply a lot of pressure or do you let them score a few? Also does your strategy change much based on the match up? i.e. Do you play differently versus CTM than versus ETF?

On a side note, I was actually really surprised how much work Blockade Runner does. Getting that online and some economy early really helps you get going.

28 Nov 2016 WhackedMaki

@kevintameIt has to somewhat play "real" Netrunner and make runs with threatening remotes. Of the 5 games I played of this on the day I only did DLR for victory in two of the games, and I didn't install Nexus in either of my top 4 games. I think the flexibility is what helps it out. The general rule is that if they're going fast and putting pressure, you need to be trying to put pressure back. If they're slow, get set up and DLR them while also locking the remote.

CtM: Try to take care of Sensie Actors Union early and poke at remotes but don't trash most things. Get Rabbit Hole and Power Tap out ASAP, because at that point their ID is blank and most of their ice will just make you money. If they score an Astro or have Sansan get out NACH to avoid the BN blowout, but otherwise get money out ASAP. Once you get money you can Vamp them and trash everything they put down, which makes victory for them impossible. A majority of their ice will not only tag you to turn on DLR, it'll fire a trace to make you money at the same time while giving you an access on the Jak run. It's great.

EtF: If they're rush it can be a challenge. Faceplant the ice and know what breaker you need to get into the remote and dig for it ASAP. Don't let them get to 5 points or it's very likely over. Once you have the remote locked down you can get the DLR rig set up and start milling them, or just steal to 7 if they want to put stuff in the remote. Vamp them to keep them off Biotic if it looks like they're going to go for it. If they're glacier you can play it slower, focusing on getting money up first. Feeding them an early breaker to Ichi, only to turn around and just run through it for Power Tap money can get you leagues ahead of them. The only thing they have that can keep you out of the remote is Caprice, as Ash is blank against you. If they put something in the remote, go check it. If they don't, Mill 4 and continue to suppress them. Kill their Stupid Sexy Sexbots early if you can, but it's not the end of the world if you can't.

Blockade Runner has done great for me. I had 3x of it and 1x Joshua B. in, but switched those to the two Diesel the morning of the tournament and didn't mind it. You can go back to 3x Blockade to see it ASAP if you want, I would find a different use for the 3 influence than Josh though.