Asset: Political • Rez: 0 • Trash: 2 • Influence: 2

When your turn begins, you may draw 3 cards if there is no ice protecting this server. If you do, add 1 card from HQ to the bottom of R&D.

Being a Mumbad sensie star means a glamorous life, though it is lived in constant fear of blackmail-or worse-from orgcrime.
NBN • Crystal Ben • Democracy and Dogma 53
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Sensie Actors Union

I'm going to write a real review about this card because it's fantastic and deserves it. Let's break down what this card does if you decide to fire it:

1) Draw 3 cards.

2) Pick ANY CARD from your hand and bottom it.

3) Take your mandatory draw, netting 3 cards.

In and of itself this is basically a much faster, non-mandatory DBS that costs nothing to rez. It may be easier to trash, but it's still a tax for the runner. However, this becomes even more disgusting when combined with Museum of History. At the start of your turn you can choose the order that the cards fire, meaning you can do this:

1) Choose x cards in archives (= to # of Museums) and shuffle them into R&D.

2) Draw 3 cards and bottom one, guaranteeing that whatever you bottom (for example GFI will never get touched by the runner unless they force a shuffle or Show Off.

3) Net your 3 cards. Keep in mind that stuff that your excess cards can easily be shuffled back in.

This card is real.


Sorry if you wanted a full review solely on this card, but this cycle really feels like the sod-all-yellow-decks-cycle. Hardly a playable in faction card from all three packs so far. Until we get the new 45/17, that is.

This is bananas in Temple of Eternity builds. —
The trash cost is low, yes, but the power level of this card is off the charts. It's very playable in & out of faction, IMO. —
And now in 2017... —