Pain Unleashed (Orlando, FL GNK 3-0)

indeflab4 162

Took this deck to a GNK expecting a field of Anarch and Temujin, and had my predictions come true. Deck flatlined all three opponents, including Siphon Noise, Hate Bear Whizzard, and Aggro Gabe. This deck is still very much in testing; I mainly went to see if the concept would work.

The aim of the deck is to constantly recur net damage effects into the centrals to whittle runners down. If they choose not to run, then you build up Bio-Ethics and grind them that way. Ark Lockdown & Best Defense clear out Levy and Same Old Thing to prevent the runner recycling their deck.

I feel the deck still needs something to it; my gut reaction is to find room for Hostile Infrastructure and Ronin to protect assets and close out games, respectively. Another EMP may help secure kills as well; like I said, testing is still needed.

Any feedback is appreciated, and shout out to Cool Stuff Games in Orlando for hosting the event!

28 Nov 2016 MoreBetterGooder

I've found you need at least 1 Ronin and 1 advancable trap. You can't win out by scoring if you don't advance at least 1 agenda. All the runner has to do is wait till you IAA. Having both Ronin and say Project Junebug, you create an fork in their decisions. My Project Unleashed deck did remarkably better after those additions.

30 Nov 2016 The Broken Meeple

You don't seem to have a lot of card draw in the deck - how are you expecting to draw what you need to get your plan into action?

30 Nov 2016 indeflab4

@RepoManI've testing a list with -1 Cortex Lock, -3 Snare!, +2 Hostile Infrastructure, +1 Ronin and +1 Project Junebug, and been seeing much more success at putting the runner in a tough sport, thus setting up a flatline more easily. Protecting the Bio-Ethics Associations hasn't sucked either, so thanks for the suggestions!

@The Broken MeepleThis deck doesn't need card draw, at least no more than your usual corp list. Net damage is basically guaranteed to come the runner's way regardless of if they run or not, so there isn't a need to set up a 1 turn kill like many other Jinteki kill decks have done in the past. Jinteki: Potential Unleashed is definitely more concerned with playing a longer game and grinding out resources from the runner just based on it's ability to make damage count for more than normal, and this list was made to try my hand at it as a long time Jinteki fan.