Sunny's 7

CactusJack 117

I built this deck around the idea of speeding up Sunny's setup time. To achieve this, we make great use of Hostage and Same Old Thing to find connections and install them quickly. Unfortunately, this is intensive.

The Supplier is great, and makes many of the cards cheaper to install. If you don't mind waiting, you can install several cards for free. Jak Sinclair + John Masanori + Security Testing is a classic combo: 1 card and 2 at the beginning of each turn. Blockade Runner is a new addition, replacing Special Order. Another Day, Another Paycheck is great when you're setup and know where the agenda likely is - I've gotten about 8 from it. It's also great for battling other currents.

Net Shield and Plascrete Carapace are there to help you survive damage (to a lesser degree, so is Sports Hopper). Multithreader makes using your breakers cheaper. Security Chip is often overlooked, but I love it.

Without any recursion and multi-access, I have to run intelligently. I'm not entirely satisfied with this deck, but I think it's a good start. 51 cards is just to include 3 AD,AP.

3 Dec 2016 Steamwood

If you're going to have Masanori and Sec Testing, you should consider Temüjin Contract or maybe Patron for extra run synergy! You might have a couple too many currents, they are dead draws for the first few turns of the game. Different take on Sunny than I usually go for, but best of luck!

5 Dec 2016 CactusJack

@SteamwoodI've used Patron in a previous build, and it's great! Influence is tight, but I would love to fit in Patron and Temüjin Contract. :) I have found that Security Testing + Patron is too much of the replacing access ability (on 1 server at the same time at least). You're right about the currents, but I've had match ups where I've wanted to remove pesky corp currents: Housekeeping, Scarcity of Resources, and others. I've ran this deck with 1, but I think 2 is manageable.