New Age RP

codychilton13 36

Just an atempt at building a fun RP deck that might have the chance to win efficiently, HELP NEEDED! I absolutely love RP and even though it may not be a huge "meta breaker" it's definitely fun to play. Any suggestions welcome, no harm in constructive criticism and judgment through correction:P

8 Dec 2016 MrAaronSA

A few comments, though I think your main build is fine.

Are you building a remote to score in, or just trying to never-advance? Your agenda suite makes me think the latter. Having one biotic might be worth it to seal the win.

There are a few cards I question at first glance. Is the Diversified Portfolio helping you enough? It seems with this deck if you have enough remotes to make it viable, you should be doing just fine on econ anyway.

At a net of two influence a pop, I'm wondering if Eli 1.0 is worth it in a Paperclip world. If you wanted to try biotic, this is what I'd cut.

Less AI around these days means Excalibur gets so much better, and Wraparound gets so much worse. Of course this is depending on your meta, or whatever you'r seeing on jinteki.

I'm actually wondering if PAD Campaign would do more work in your deck than Turtlebacks...hmmm...

10 Dec 2016 codychilton13

@MrAaronSAwell with testing the 1 diversified and the turtle backs haven't done much at all. I considered Excalibur but wasn't sure what to cut and so far eli hasn't been bad. Making room for a biotic could me PAD just seems a little meh, I considered commercial bankers group in testing over the PADs but that was without the copies of Eli also.