Tributary SkunkVoid

AnOddRadish 49

Went 1/1 at a small Pittsburgh GNK. The TO had the AUDACITY me a TOTALLY UNDESERVED game loss. I mean, I only forgot TEN AGENDA POINTS in the box (they got stuck to my extra sleeves lol), how does that deserve a loss? In all seriousness, I'm glad I made a boneheaded mistake like that at a GNK and not at nats or worlds or something. Big thanks to the TO Marcus for handling it graciously and sorry to my opponent for the odd game (we were both getting concerned when the score was 4/2 with 4 cards left in R&D and I was holding no agendas. Turns out having 2 Ikawah and 2 Vitruvius out of the game will do that).

Tributary is awesome in Asa, absolute all-star and much better than Tatu. Hospitality can get back Fully Op to reload and get back in the game after going pretty low. Warm Reception is solid enough, it's basically an extra WW that doesn't step on your actual WWs, but I could take or leave it. There's an argument for swapping some portion of the econ to Working Prototype as you do a decent amount of rezzing ice and it trigger fully op more consistently than Nice, but the card draw from Nico is likely better than the off-chance you can bounce a Twinning.