Skunk/Void Delivery System (1st @ EMEA Continentals)

Sokka 4860

Play efficient cards and go way too fast for the runner to keep up. Also, Rotom and I disrespected Biotic and then Biotic had something to say about it...

Disrespecting Biotic

This screenshot was at the start of cut round 6 where I discarded Biotic early and chose not to Spin it back. Then in that game and in every corp game for the rest of the tournament, that Biotic SHOWED. UP. EVERY. GAME. to clutch out the win. Check out my tournament VOD at the link below before I spoil too much ;)

Both my decks this tournament featured some drastic last minute changes that ended up being crucial to each deck's success. I woke up at 2am two days in a row and streamed the entire event! Check it out on my YouTube at!

I discuss this deck at the end of round 2; there are timestamps embedded in the video. My runner was a reg Twinning Hoshiko with 1 random Hermes.

145 players coming out for EMEA continentals is AMAZING! I'm pretty sure I'll find a way to make playing in intercontinentals work but I definitely won't be able to stream it. Best way to follow me is via YouTube where sometimes streams are scheduled a day or two in advance and the VODs will always be available.

As a final note, this week has been an especially tough week for me personally and I am extremely thankful for the members of this community who I get to enjoy this game together with. It brightens my day every time.

Always Be Running ❤️

ABR Link

21 Aug 2023 Runaway


21 Aug 2023 Council

Decided to steal EMEA instead of APAC this year.


22 Aug 2023 TorpedoTyrus

Congratulations! Love the Deck and the Video so fare. Started Standard a few weeks ago and the breakdown helps me a lot!

Hope your weeks getting easier!

Greetings from Europe!

22 Aug 2023 maninthemoon

I hope everything is OK 🫂 💙💜💚

Wonderful continentals run🏆

24 Aug 2023 pouchsurfer

Congrats on the win! And thanks for streaming. Watching your decision-making is always so great, such a masterclass.