[Startup] Prepaid Addict's Inside Job - 2nd Warsaw CO

Toluvel 123

A heavily modified version of the Prepaid Addict deck by DoubleK. When I saw his idea of always having Prepaid Voice Pad turn 1 I was hooked and it really is excellent. With 32 events in the deck we can really get a lof of value from our hardware and once it's all used up we simply Ashen Epilogue and do it again!

Some of the best cards here include surpise Inside Jobs to really catch the Corp unawares, tons of draw with Bahia Bands and Diesel (+ Ayla) and the Ashen Epilogue which is excellent here. The Trickshot/Burner package is the best Shaper has to offer right now (events-wise) and they work amazingly together. Test Run can get your breakers (even from the bin!) and Telework/Leech is great value. Don't discount Wildcat Strike as well, we're usually happy with either mode, because we have so much fuel in the deck.

The deck went 3-2, dying 2 times to Clearinhouse, but one of those was due to pilot error ;) However I feel it can definitely put up a good fight against the villain on the meta ;)

11 Jun 2024 DoubleK

Hey, welcome to the Prepaid Addicts Club :)

Good to see you did well with your version of the deck! Inside Job sounds like a nice Prepaid surprise against rush decks that probably don't expect it against Ayla. I used Slap Vandals against early rushing because they also boost Echelon and Unity later. Inside Job is obviously better against early rushes behind multi-sub ICE like Logjam or Pharos.

Did you have any trouble finding the full breaker suite quickly without Mutual Favors?

12 Jun 2024 Toluvel

Most of the time I was really swimming in breakers, the deck can produce them pretty fast. I always keep them in Ayla's 4 if possible. The deck also has a lot of draw between Bahia Bands, Diesel, Jailbreak and WIldcat Strike (sometimes), we also have Test Run to find a breaker so I really didn't feel the mutual favour were needed.

When it comes to Slap Vandal vs Inside Job, I think the latter is much better in this deck, Slap only breaks 1 sub under 7 strength which is ok but not great against most ice. It certainly cannot be relied upon to get you in. On the other hand, Inside Job is great at every stage of the game, against early rushes it's just free points and in the late game it usually saves you a lot of credits vs big ice. Like I said we can setup pretty quickly anyway, so breakers + leech should be sufficient in mid/late game anyway.

The only thing I wish the deck had was more money to fight Clearinghouse glaciers, so maybe Paricia + a console like Pantograph

12 Jun 2024 DoubleK

OK, nice! The Ayla ability is so underrated and many runners seem to think it's just for combo decks. It's so good at getting the basics up and running fast so you can focus on playing your deck :)

Inside Job definitely sounds better against big Weyland ICE. I faced a couple of decks with big Logjams and Pharoses that were problematic, but Overclock turned out to be just enough to get past them.

Did you end up using the Ashen Epilogue often? I was also considering it but then went for more multiaccess instead to close out the game.

12 Jun 2024 Toluvel

Ashen is kinda our ace in the hole, once we set up with breakers and prepaids. We can liberally burn through our events knowing we have a reset button. I used it only in longer games but when used it really felt good. It's also draw 5 in a pinch :)