Prepaid Addict (1st @ Copenhagen Startup CO)

DoubleK 820

I have a problem. I'm addicted to Prepaid VoicePAD. I like how it single-cardedly (?) enables me to slot in and play all the powerful events in the card pool without worrying about economy. Most of my credit tokens are worn out and almost unreadable because of flipping over Prepaid recurring credits so many times. I've played it in most of my runner decks since System Gateway and Update 2021. I like Prepaid so much that I'm ready to play Ayla just so I can have a higher likelihood of getting the Prepaid down on turn one. Ironically, this deck helped me win a Startup tournament where the price was...Prepaid VoicePAD alt arts.

This deck is very straightforward. Use the Ayla ability to find in order of priority: 1) Prepaids 2) Breakers or tutors for them 3) Multiaccess cards, which you can draw when you're ready to close out the game. If you're facing an asset spam deck, bump run economy events into prio 2 instead.

Most of the Prepaid event economy is run-based, so once the Prepaids and breakers are on the table, just keep spewing out value runs and multiaccess. This deck plays pretty basic honest Netrunner with a traditional breaker suite, which feels nice in the current era of million bypass effects and recurrable ICE destruction.

Trick Shot is a great new addition from the Rebellion Without Rehearsal set to this archetype, giving economy, central multiaccess pressure and remote asset control in one card.

3x Mutual Favor may seem like a lot, but with Ayla's ability, it's really fast at finding the breaker suite, usually during the first 3-4 turns. Once the basic breakers are down, the Mutual Favors are used to find Slap Vandals, which help deal with some problematic ICE like Tree Line or Piranhas. The Vandals are also good against early rush attempts and later boost Echelon and Unity to be more efficient.

Test Run is a fourth tutor, gets support from Prepaids, works well with Slap Vandals and gives a recursion option if one of your main breakers gets hit with program destruction.

This deck went 3-0 in a Startup CO in Copenhagen, Denmark in single-sided swiss, and together with my Passionate Murderman corp deck, carried me to 1st place and alt art Prepaids. Shoutouts to @Xtreme for running another fun tournament, to @kagolskab for playtesting help, and to all the players during the day for good games.

Thanks for reading and Always Be Running!