Generic Worlds Hoshiko (VOTE FOR ME OR SWIFTIE)

rotage 2901

This is my worlds runner list that went 3-2 in Swiss (last 2 rounds were 241's that I played corp with

This list was fun to play

However crucially it allowed me to finish head of Swiftie so now we have the vote

Please like this deck if you are glad I finished ahead of Swiftie Please favourite this deck if would be happier if Swiftie finished ahead of me

If I get more votes then we have no Taylor Swift on our journey to UK nats

If for some reason Swiftie gets more votes then I'll find some Taylor Swift merchandise to wear at UK nats

23 Oct 2022 sebastiank

I cast my vote for swiftie, but the rotage vote number went up when I did... I'm starting to question the validity of this election.

23 Oct 2022 rotage

So it turns out I didnt know that if you favourite a list it also likes it. Therefore I need to change this to make it fairer. If more than 20 people favourite this list by the end of 30th October then I will wear the Taylor Swift merchandise

23 Oct 2022 CooK_eD

I've heard reports you reached 100 votes, care to comment?

23 Oct 2022 rotage

Lol, no comment at this stage

23 Oct 2022 mcg

Definitely had the votes just chose to drop out

24 Oct 2022 Swiftie

Why do you have 3 Stargate? Seems like a poor choice to ruin the deck with a 46th card.


24 Oct 2022 Bridgeman

This list is not card for card the same boatshiko I played.


24 Oct 2022 ilksvorbern

I really want to see you wearing TS merch at nats so I'm going to have to favourite this deck.

24 Oct 2022 rotage

So thats 20 favourites, guess I'm wearing TS merch. Any suggestions?

26 Oct 2022 TugtetguT

This one matches Swiftie's playmat, it'll look good when you inevitably play eachother ^^

27 Oct 2022 rotage

That it does. This has really backfired badly lol