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This list is just straight up mean.

It has one win condition (MURDER), and even when the runner sees it coming, there isn’t much they can do about it.

I started a version of this with Urban Renewals, but it took away slots from some key operations and made the deck less consistent. Having 3x of Consulting Visit, Econ Warefare, HHN & HPT are really what make the deck sing. You can reliably have all the tools by turn 2 or 3 without trying.

Typically in most games, the runner will run to trash a Bankers or check an open central. This opens them up to the Econ Warefare (sometimes x2, sometimes with Consulting Visit) HHN that usually hits. In the meantime you get your Zealous Judge down (Boot Camp or Tech Startup can help) and just bury them in tags. HPT for the kill, ezpz.

What to do if the runner doesn’t run?

This is a very common strategy against people who know/assume I have HHN. Where this plan fails the runner is that it allows you to set-up your board with ice, Turtlebacks and Judges while you make a ton of money. Then even if they are rich, you rez your SIU, dump it all into the trace save 4 credits, then Judge, Judge HPT, gg.

Backup plans:

I’ve had a couple of wins where I would IAA a City Works for bait, knowing I had a Punitive in hand.

In over 60 games with this deck, I think I’ve scored 3 agendas (2 in the same game), but scoring that Hades Fragment can be pretty awesome for just getting all your stuff back. There’s plenty of ways to shuffle too.

Border Control is also pretty nice here. Jam it on HQ if you face a Criminal that wants to embezzle your kill pieces. Jam it on R&D if they are farming Turning Wheels (and then kill them). Or my favorite, is set up the double Border Control remote with Judge in it so you know it will stick after a HHN. They can’t clear 4 tags AND go thru Border Control 3 times with enough money to trash the Judge.

12 Mar 2019 enkoder

Without a Hostile Infrastructure you loose to Apoc though. -1HHN?

12 Mar 2019 pj20

@enkoder why? That means they had to run and spend a decent amount of credits. That's why you run everything in 3x. The operations are what are important not the assets. Plus, Border Control really helps if you know/think they're on it.

12 Mar 2019 enkoder

Interesting, I would think the assets are pivital to the game plan. Judge, SIU, bankers, etc. I was thinking if you get Apoc'd then it's GG. Sure you'd have a window of hitting them.woth the news but they could clear without the Judge in play. Border control def helps here.

I am of the unpopular oppinion where I approve of all types of asset spam :) murdery ones too. 👏

12 Mar 2019 belkalra

Actually, instead of Hostile, I'd go for Overseer matrix. They work as Anti-Apoc tech in this deck and they also fold into your regular game plan. Just rez them after the third run when they're installed in a server with something else and it will usually be lethal damage

13 Mar 2019 CaKnuckleguy

Hostile Infrastructure tells the runner to load up hand and only run when they're ahead. That's the opposite of what you want them to do. You need them to run. Encourage them with 'must trash' cards.

17 Mar 2019 DrCthulhu

Just took 3rd (was tied for 2nd on points, went to extended SoS for tie breaker) in an 8-man SC with this deck. It was undefeated on the day, with 4 glorious runner murders. The last round took about 5 minutes and I got the kill on turn 3 or 4 due to an overzealous runner. This deck is awesome and I had a blast with it. One kill came from the SIU + Judge + HPT and the rest were some combination of HHN into HPT. I think I installed 3 pieces of ice all day and never even popped a BC. I did allow my Judge to get trashed one game, but was able to play around it with some value HHN's before I got the kill.

17 Mar 2019 LSTM

As the overzealous runner referred to in the prior comment, I can attest that this is quite punishing.