Apoc Whizz (3rd at DC Regional)

osclate 687

Went 4-0 with this Whizz in Swiss, and 1-1 in the cut.

Based on this deck by Eon_II: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/42830/mwl1-2-apoc-whizz-1st-babw-lcq-

The only changes I made were cutting some cutlery to add some extra conspiracy breakers. I kept the Spooned as card 46. The extra Paperclip is good against Rig Shooter, and the extra Black Orchestra has been helpful for triple-advanced Hortum. Not sure I actually need the extra MKUltra.

Round 1: Patrick on EtF glacier. Was able to land multiple siphons and the Apoc.

Round 2: Dane on Skorpios (ended up in 2nd place overall). It was a long, slow, careful game, but I managed to avoid losing any important pieces, with help from my MVP for the day, Employee Strike. Was able to eventually land the Apoc and win the game.

Round 3: Dan "Code Marvelous" on Blue Sun. Employee Strike was strongest in this match up. He was never able to use his ability, so he was constantly struggling for money. When I landed the Apoc, I killed 3 rezzed Curtain Walls!

Round 4: Matthew on CI. I was nervous about my CI matchup, but I managed to hand this deck its only loss for the day. First half of the game, I kept the Employee Strike in play. When he finally drew his currents, I was able to Siphon spam until he had no chance at winning.

Round 5: ID with Alan. I ended the Swiss rounds in 1st place!

Game 1 of the cut: Dan "Code Marvelous" on Blue Sun. I chose to repeat this matchup since his Smoke deck had given me my only loss in Swiss. Ended up pretty much a repeat of our first game, except without the Apoc: kept E-Strike constantly in play, siphoned whenever his economy started to recover, and eventually played Wanton Destruction for the win.

Game 3 of the cut: Jonas on EtF Moons (he ended up winning the tournament). I had not practiced this matchup enough, and I made too many critical mistakes, like not trashing Turtlebacks. I never drew a Siphon, and my critical mistake was going broke landing a Wanton Destruction. Apparently I hit 3 agendas, but he was able to Jackson them back before I could take them.

This deck is so much fun to play, and this tournament was my best performance so far! All of my opponents were great, and the community was so supportive. I love Netrunner!

12 Jun 2017 dogstew

Congrats on the finish! The tourney was a blast and it was great seeing the Delaware meta come out in force. Best of luck in Philly!

13 Jun 2017 kevintame

I like the parasite. Did you end up using them a lot?

13 Jun 2017 osclate

@kevintame I didn't use them that much, honestly. Thinking about cutting them...

14 Jun 2017 Dazzler

how is turning table working out for you ? I'm thinking MAW would be better against asset spam. what do you think?

14 Jun 2017 osclate

@Dazzler Turntable was great in testing but did nothing at regionals. Thinking about replacing it with Vigil or Obelus. I don't think I get enough accesses to use Maw.

16 Jun 2017 Eon_II

Congrats on your placing! Glad you're also having fun with Apocalypse, the curtain wall play sounds sick :)

I haven't been sold on the parasites lately either. I've been slotting a rumor mill instead since Euros; it's been great in moon meta but I'm missing the emp strikes against non-ETF decks. 2nd paperclip is a great shout, will likely follow your lead on that one

20 Jun 2017 osclate

I took the deck to Philly regionals and got 3rd place again! Made some significant tweaks: -2 Parasite, -2 Turntable, -1 MK Ultra; +1 Obelus, +1 Rebirth, +1 D4v1d, +2 Hactivist. I was very happy with the Rebirth, but I never used the D4v1d. Not sure what a better use of that 1 influence would be. I would love a rumor mill, but not sure I'd want to lose both Employee Strikes.

I went 3-0 in Swiss but 0-2 in the cut. Both losses were against EtF Moons. I feel like the deck has a shot against Moons, but I had too little practice with the matchup and didn't play it as well as I could have. Oh well!

22 Jun 2017 kevintame

I like the changes. Maybe another Employee Strike. I also find Femme Fatale to be super useful when I have problem ice. Especially with Retrieval Run. Well played at both tournaments.