Regional Winner, Boise, Idaho 5/9/2015 - PrePaid Kate

bluebird503 1980

This is the deck I took to a win in Boise, Idaho Regional Championships. Based off of Ahmed Abbasi's Pre-Paid Kate deck from Tulsa Regionals and SSCI with a few minor changes to his original list from Tulsa. (only playing 1 legwork to make room for femme and stimhack , as well as playing a single copy of scavenge which is good with femme and lady). I don't know Ahmed Abbasi, but I know he has been putting up results with this list, and it seemed like a good safe choice for the first regional I was participating.

This deck did really well for me, losing only 1 game in swiss, and I'm pretty happy with the choice. Of course it might not be good for all metas, but if your looking for a well rounded deck and aren't expecting much NEH Fast Advance, this could be a reasonable choice.

It finished 4-1 in Swiss, and then won 3 games in the double eliminations, including the grand final.

(I believe the following is correct but I could be wrong)

Round 1 Against Replicating Perfection: Win Round 2 Against Replicating Perfection: Win Round 3 Against NBN Making News: Win Round 4 Against HB Fast Advance(Efficiency Committees): Loss Round 5 Against HB Tech Startup Director Haas/ITD: Win

Round 2 Winners Bracket against Replicating Perfection: Win Losers Finals against HB Tech Startup Director Haas/ITD: Win Grand Finals Against HB Fast Advance(Efficiency Committees): Win

I think the only card I didn't utilize at all is the Deus X. Maybe there were chances to use it that I missed, but the datasucker really helps with a lot of the ice that Deus X deals with.

12 May 2015 Wookiee

Was Kati worth including? I feel like I'd rather have Symmetrical Visage there instead, especially given that your draw is your econ....

15 May 2015 bluebird503

Kati Jones worked out very well. I didn't see Kati every game, and sometimes when I did see her she was pitched. However, these were games where I often had 2+ active pre-paids, and was not paying through huge taxing servers. In other games, where I didn't see pre-paid early, and saw a Kati, she did a lot of work for me. My latest change was -1 Deus, +1 Symmetrical Visage. I just never use the card, and visage is attractive. Again this list is set up for a glacier heavy metagame, I would change several more things If I expected a lot of NEH going forward.(And regionals results are kind of mixed right now)