I bet im the only one here playing hyobu

Decksmith 165

On jnet, performs well. At a real event, didnt win a single game.

Unfortunately, im not too strong of a player at live events, however this deck is fun to play. It simply isnt too good as hyobus effect is middling, especially without flower sermon.

Notes: Econ comes from exposing; as with other hyobu decks, never click for a credit, instead use your ID ability. Public health portal=CBS that you can ice Bamboo to let you keep snares on top whenever you can political dealings to instantly score out 3 cost agendas gift=tons of money Hyobu precog=dumb card that people will ask to read 3 times before they run

If you get a water monopoly out fast it can be an absolute burden on the runner

This isnt a good deck, but with some tooling it can theoretically be good; +la costa +flower ect.

21 Apr 2022 kevnburg

You're not the only one! I played against someone else's Hyoubu deck with Complete Image on jnet earlier last week!

Political Dealings is an awesome card and I like how Bamboo Dome here can help set it up!

21 Apr 2022 Decksmith

@kevnburgwas a joke at mansionrunner i got drunk and kept saying it over and over