Shipment from Uppsala. 7th place Euros 2019

Ola 120

Shoutout to my fellow swede @cambro who made this list, which is a refinement of the deck he played in Uppsala store champs. Go read his original description ( . Im really happy with it and I believe this type of PE is really viable right now.

During swiss i went 4-1 losing one game, dont even remember against what, if you know who you are, im sorry mate. I also lost a casual game against Matt Addison who played Rube Goldberg Hayley to an amazing degree.

Only played one game with PE in top cut, against Aaryn Byrnes Khumalo, where he was able to really make use of the ID ability, thrashing a kakugo, giving him free reign of my HQ the rest of the game.

I found Crisium to be an underperforming card in the euros meta, most of the games it turned out to be nothing more than a fake mwanza. Regarless, I still think its a great include.

4 Jun 2019 Terje

Well played! Was really happy to see you get into the cut with it. You lost to my Maxx in Swiss, I know losing to a Norwegian is embarrassing, but this is some next level denial :P Spent so many turns playing around that damn Crisium thinking it was a Mwanza.

4 Jun 2019 Ola

@NjabbskoltThat's right! Im so sorry for forgetting, i want to blame it on that the other side was to intense

5 Jun 2019 Cambro

10/10 name.

@NjabbskoltYour not the first to belive it was a Mwanza ;) Was you on CF or levy?

This deck have very high winrate and Im not sure how you win against it without at least one tech card.

Super happy that @Urakenmanage to pilot my deck so well and manage to get in 7th place. ^^

5 Jun 2019 Terje

@CambroIt was made even worse by the fact I had been playing a Mwanza deck for ages before switching to Argus for the last SC before Euros so I was so sure of my lines :D I was on Levy so had that going for me at least.