Cambro PE

ayyyliens 543

7th Antwerp regional

10 Jun 2019 Cambro


How did Psychic Field and Mwanza City Grid? =)

10 Jun 2019 ayyyliens

Psychic Field didn't fire but I loved never advancing in the remote so I will keep it for now. Mwanza just locked a server with no ice because people don't want to run it :)

Probably the best PE list I played. It went 4-1 (wins over 2 FC shapers, loss because of some very lucky access).

It feels like red Argus in a way

10 Jun 2019 Cambro

Nice that you like it :D

Might experiment with Mwanza myself.

10 Jun 2019 Cluster Fox

Yes, very lucky accesses indeed :) But I think I played well to my outs, just lucky I missed that Snare :)

10 Jun 2019 ayyyliens

I will have my revenge :p