Dealing With Sifr (Upgrade Hell)

Pinkwarrior 2208

By no way perfect and am sure someone out their can improve upon this. But this is the deck I've had the most success with dealing with Sifr decks.

Mostly the ICE is cheap and annoying things people want to parasite anyway like Pop-up Window with the advantage of CtM the first time they kill an ICE trace 4. Keegan Lane can remove breakers and threats while their tagged and generally keep them poor.

Upgrades to help protect servers abit of tag punishment and FA to get the game over with and a FiHP to help keep your stuff in play long enough to win.

20 Jan 2017 kevnburg

IP Block + Keegan Lane sounds like the best approach for ruining the common Faust + Sifr gameplan. Good combo.

20 Jan 2017 h0bb35

@Pinkwarrior Would you consider a single Navi Mumbai City Grid to deal with insta-Parasites?

20 Jan 2017 Pinkwarrior

@calvin I think it could be worth a try theirs certainly space for improvement but I actually find the Anarch's without the instant speed para tend to be the harder as they have more inf to spend on their econ so i have a harder time taxing them.