Upgrade: Sysop • Rez: 0 • Trash: 3 • Influence: 3

, remove 1 tag: Trash 1 program. Use this ability only during a run on this server.

"We use ice on our servers. More runners should ice their own rigs."
NBN • Joshua Meehan • Data and Destiny 24
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Keegan Lane

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Kiss your programs goodbye, because the sysop from hell has arrived. Another tag-removal card from this set, much like Lily Lockwell, which adds another interesting tool into tag-centric decks.

Keegan is a new level of trap that, once paired with a tag subroutine, especially strong or unavoidable ones such as Data Raven and Bandwidth, make runners think twice about continuing the run. Doesn't matter if they are running first click to shake the tags off later, the effect happens mid-run. Say goodbye to the only Corroder in your deck!

Other benefits: zero to rez, three cost to trash, part of the "Future guy leans back" set along with Government Contracts and High-Risk Investment.

The downsides: cannot take effect outside of a run on the installed server, so no same turn synergy with Midseason Replacements or SEA Source and loses power once the runner gets all of their breakers out, especially if they Femme a Raven. Also, three influence, so it's harder to get multiples in another faction if you have tags in Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed or some such.

Absolutely worth an inclusion with a tag deck that wants to take the fight to the runner to slow them down. Make them put in recursion or rue the day they met Mr. Lane.

(Data and Destiny era)
Oh, those are his arms! I always thought he was wearing some sort of massive supervillain winged collar. —
I mean, a second one. —
Combine him with Team Sponsorship and Breaking News for maximum fun. —
@lolpaca: The Breaking News combo won't work (unless you follow it up with Big Brother), since you can only trigger him during a run. —
Oh I jut meant BN as an easy way to trigger Team Sponsorship and keep the Keegans flowing. —
is there a timing window between getting a tag from the encounter text on Data Raven and using an icebreaker to break ice that Keegan could fire? like to kill a sentry breaker? —
This and Bandwidth both cost zero to rez. Nasty way to trash an important breaker early game. —
@153351 No, there isn't. 3.1 is the first window for either player to do anything "after" the encounter trigger, and the runner gets to go first. —