Navi Mumbai City Grid

Navi Mumbai City Grid 2[credit]

Upgrade: Region
Trash: 3
Influence: 2

During runs on this server, the Runner cannot use paid abilities on their installed cards except for mid-access abilities and abilities on icebreakers.

Limit 1 region per server.

The entertainment capital of Mumbad.
Illustrated by Johan Törnlund
Decklists with this card

Fear the Masses (ftm)

#110 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2024-06-06

    NSG [NSG Rules Team Update]

    Does Navi Mumbai City Grid prohibit the Runner from using conditional abilities with costs, such as the subroutine breaking of e3 Feedback Implants or the derez of Councilman? What about the to break ability provided on many bioroid pieces of ice?

    No. The Runner can still use conditional abilities like E3 feedback implants because it is not a paid ability. The runner can also use abilities on Bioroid ice, because it belongs to the Corp.

    Updated (2024.06).


I've been excited about this card since I first saw it here a couple months ago. It is going to be huge versus two of the three major runner factions. Here are a few scenarios:


I see you are counting on your Datasucker to back up your Parasite. Sorry, my Archer has a quiver-full with your name on it.

Perhaps you think D4v1d will back up your weak @ss breakers? Nope, Susanoo is sending you to archives for the Shock! of your life.


Have you ever spent nine influence on the Grail suite just to then have the runner drop a SMC on the table? I have, and it sucks. So much for your big surprise. Navi prevents SMC from firing though. Artist Colony and Clone Chip won't work either.

I don't see this being as helpful versus Criminal, but there are literally a ton of cards that this will stop provided it is rezzed first.

EDIT: It is funny that despite my excitement over this card, I have yet to use it. As beladee mentioned though, there is now an extremely common criminal card that this can help thwart, Aaron Marron. I really need to try this out in my tag heavy deck.

(Fear the Masses era)
Against Criminal it stops Grappling Hook and I suspect e3 feedback implants (if so it'll stop it against everyone else like Quetzal who likes to spam it too) —
Certainly it'll stop Grappling Hook as it isn't an ice breaker (just like D4v1d). I don't really ever see that card played though. I think e3 will still work against this card though. —
Why do you say e3 would still work? It's not an icebreaker, so you can't use its paid ability. —
e3 isn't a paid ability. Paid abilities have the cost:effect format, while e3 is a triggered condition. —
ah, good point. I was getting confused because I thought I remembered some ruling where Medium was "using" the card but wasn't a "paid effect" or something. thanks for clarifying. —
It does also shut down many of Giest's favourite trash effects, although not the break and enter Icebreakers. —
This card has crippled my Shaper decks. 10/10 Criminal is back baby. —
among others vs Criminal, this also blocks Crescentus and Aaron Marron, for example with Data Raven-Data Ward server. Definitely a valuable upgrade for servers with high cost ICE, as a way to protect your investment. —

While Navi has always been a solid card, it suffered from the "good but not good enough" syndrome. It did work against some shapers and a few anarchs, but was still dead in a ton of relevant match ups. I think currently though, it deserves a second look, because of one major reason: Pirates.

Both the popular Pirate Hayley archetype and the equally relevant Geist, involve cards like Kongamato, Grappling Hook and Gbahali as the major ways to break through the corp's ice. Guess what they are not? Right, ice breakers. This card says "bollocks" to all that nonsense and requires these types of decks to break ice the old fashioned way, buying you some time or even giving you an opportunity to have them face plant into something nasty with no way to break it. Cards like Self-modifying Code and Datasucker are still as relevant now as they were two years ago, meaning this card can still put in work in a lot of match ups, even those without the aforementioned non-icebreakers.

Is this card an auto include? No, definitely not. It is still 2 influence, meaning it is hard to find a slot for multiples or even one outside of NBN. And it remains a very meta dependent card. And especially with 419: Amoral Scammer on the horizon, and with it Turtle and GPI Net Tap shenanigans, Underway Grid might be a better 'tech' region, especially considering its zero cost and influence. But I think it is a definitely worth a slot in Yellow if you want to keep pirates from boarding your ship.

(Council of the Crest era)
Might I add it also prevents the runner from hiding behind a Caldera or Feedback filter, any damage prevention card in fact. —
Good catch, seems decent in Jinteki decks with Kakugo. —