Azmari 3rd Örebro Regional (MWL 2.2)

gejben 523

Went 5-0 during the day (IDd 2 rounds but played them anyway and swept both). Lost with Val twice in the cut.

Navi was awesome, faced lots of MaxX with cc and D4 that I locked out thanks to it. Probably not changing any cards, it felt really good.

26 Aug 2018 EnderA

Navi Mumbai City Grid even helps against Datasucker! Also great against Shaper, it's only useless against non-Geist Crim. Which is almost no one at the moment.

Is there any tag punishment you would consider running? You have 8 ice that give tags (with a successful trace.) Did anyone end up floating tags against you?

27 Aug 2018 gejben

@EnderA: No slotting any tag punishment isn't worth it in this deck. The possibility of trashing resources is enough to make sure people mostly never float any tags. Tags are just a extra tax, either in them clearing or in you trashing resources.

You can probably make a Azmari with tag punishment though but It's a different deck :)

28 Aug 2018 ks26628

This looks solid. Did you have an trouble with going to time? I played a similar deck at GenCon and went to time 1/2 of my matches (but I did play a Scamshop 419).