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GarfieldMew 404

Built from my Core Only deck from 9 months ago, this was first time I felt I had to really buy some additional datapacks as the latest flashpoint cycle just introduced some killer cards which made things so OP against Core/Deluxe sets. In that I meant being competitive in the matches, not looking to win or even make top cut but being able to compete in each game. ~ Not feel overwhelmed by the Corp as it will take me forever and age to break into one server ~ Or feeling that nothing is safe waiting only a matter of time before the runner mill deck of either cards and/or agenda. And of course avoid losing in less than 5 turns or lose 7-0 each time.

Round 1 vs Omar (2-2) Draw This was game 2 of the round with no much time. It was impossible to cover Omar skill on first turn with ICE and enough econ to rez them together with Biorods standard weakness. First turn runner assessed a Global Food Initiative so had to sneeak out an Accelerated Beta Test before i lost to a time win. This built me a scoring remote but time was called just before my click a few tursn later when after I installed and click an agend in place only before my last click. 10 more seconds and this would have been a timed win as the runner had no sentries breaker for my rezzed Rototurret.

Round 2 vs Nero (4-7) Lose Fearing AS I ice'd HQ with a non bioroid ETR and R&D withe the remainder, but that turn out to be disaster as the runner first turn a Show of Force and shortly later a Director Haas' Pet Project to go 3-0 up before before I could setup any form of remote scoring servers. Decided to go wide and leave a trap, an asset as well an Accelerated Beta Test open. Scored out Accelerated Beta Test next turn to reveal a couple of ice. Game was under control and had remote scoring server ready went 4-3 up and install, advance, advance Global Food Initiative ready only for the runner to AS me twice make me broke and then run legwork to reveal all 3 cards left in hand and steal another Show of Force. With no econ coming in had to resort to 3 clicks for credits hoping to intimidate the runner in thinking it was trap. He bough into it and didn't run the remote only for him to find his winning agenda in RnD.

Round 3 vs Adam (7-2) Win Again I lose an agenda to the runner on first run as I didn't realise how powerful Adam's skill was. But managed to build a remote scoring server behind a rezzed Fairchild locking him out until he found his E3feedback and/or code gate breaker. From there just rolled out 3 agendas to a much needed victory.

Round 4 vs Max (4-9) Lose Runner keyholed 2 early agenda and was trashing my ice with $ifr/clone chip/parasite. Nothing I do but admire his deck until I decided to take a chance and started to leave R&D and ice Archives as no used getting agendas into Archive if you can't access it. Slowly I can back into the game going 4-3 up following 2x Accelerated Beta Test but both together only managed to install a single Ichi 1.0. Then shortly followed a spell of to and fro with not a lot happening on the board until I found Ark Lockdown to remove all parasites from game and his MK Ultra to create myself an opening installing and advancing Global Food Initiative behind a Rototurret. Only for the runner to install a Hades Fragment - all along he was bidding his time for the cash from Kati Jones, when I thought he was stuck after removing his parasites.