Geist Tech v14 - 2nd place Spanish Nationals

Jose-san 176

I'm very proud of getting this deck to the finals. It performed flawlessly. 5-1 in the Swiss, losing only against a Sol which played Scarcity on turn 1; and 2-1 at the top, losing in the final game against a CI which also played Scarcity very soon.

  • Get one Temüjin's money soon.
  • Replicate all your spy cameras.
  • Consume the cameras, fall guys and peddlers to draw your deck and install everything.
  • Then Levy and go for the blood.
20 Jun 2017 RubbishyUsername

So some people may be skipping over this list thinking it's just all the good Geist cards, but I think they're missing some very key and interesting decisions. How good is Dean Lister? Vamadeva? Crescentus over Maxwell James? Mass Install? Particularly, why no Bazaar?

20 Jun 2017 Jose-san

Dean Lister is just awesome, I broke a 85 credit Sanburg thanks to him in the top. You keep trashing and drawing cards and it keeps boosting the breaker mid run. You need Vamadeva to pass Mother Goddess and Excalibur. Maxwell is very good too, but you don't need the extra run with Crescentus. I'm thinking about including one Maxwell though, I love him. Nobody expects Mass Install, I keep 2 or 3 breakers in my hand, the corp sees almost no money and not enough cloud breakers, and then... Mass Install, it's such a big swing. Also, it's my signature card. I don't like Bazaar, it's just another card to draw and install. With Replicator you get all the spy cams fast enough.

21 Jun 2017 DarthIA

Congrats on the finishing place! I was also playing a Geist build in that same tournament, but did not perform that well... I was playing Maxwell James and I was not that impressed. OTOH, Dean Lister is just nuts.

23 Jun 2017 Jose-san

Another downside of Maxwell is that you can only have one installed whereas you can install all Crescentus. I would include only one Maxwell in the mix.