Clickbait 3.1

lolpaca 1243

Little update, adding SYNC BRE (great interaction with Ash 2X3ZB9CY if I'm reading it right), Excalibur and a third IP Block - these two also play well together as AIs are one of the few ways to deal with Excalibur.

I love how responsive this ice mix is - the backbone of IP Block, Troll and Turnpike are good anywhere, and the other pieces can be placed as needed according to the runner's gameplan. Most of it's cheap so rezzing is rarely an issue, and the on-encounter effects really pile up and make them think twice about running.

2 Mar 2017 FightingWalloon

You are at -1 influence.

2 Mar 2017 FightingWalloon

Nevermind. I clicked on the 1.0 MWL.

2 Mar 2017 vor_lord

Good call on the Ash/SYNC BRE interaction. Given that, is one enough?

2 Mar 2017 lolpaca

I think one's fine. It used to be an Assassin which is also perfectly fine for that slot, but I thought I'd try it out since it clicks with Ash so well.

The trace is only 2 so I don't see it landing all that often (even boosted by ID), but it still forces them to spend money for no real gain, which is pretty much the meat and potatoes of this deck. Even if they beat the trace, that's less money they have to spend beating Ash/paying Red Herrings/trashing SanSan when they get in.

Surveillance Sweep is one card that really makes a big fat difference in this deck, I'm tempted to find room for more of them.

2 Mar 2017 DatLo

It's prolly in part cuz I'm not playing it properly, but there's zero way that I can do any significant tax to the runner in the aaron bs and econ out of the ass world. How does this work?

2 Mar 2017 lolpaca

Start by turtling up (ice on every central asap if you suspect Temujin, and you probably should), then build a scoring server and bait runs til you get scoring windows. This deck plays a long game, you need a pretty good poker face and you'll spend a lot of turns clicking for 3.

Aaron isn't much of a problem as only Data Ward really cares about tags. Link screws you a lot more, if they're playing high link you're probably boned.