Kicky Leela (4-1 at Reading Regional)

swabl 337

The basic Good Leela shell that's going around, spending the influence on 2 Engolos. Felt pretty good all day, with its only 'loss' being a 2-4-1 that I lost as corp. That said, one of its wins was my opponent being late to R1 so who knows.

Miss Bones for Gagarin tech, never used all day, Hernando Cortez to hurt rich corps harder, wasn't much use but the joy of all the filtering is that if he's not relevant you can just throw him to the bottom of the deck. He would have been relevant in one game but I was over hand size and he was the worst card in my hand. Ah well.

Beat BABW, Titan and BoN in the games it actually played, but because my corp did awful I finished 5-5 and 22nd. Ah well.