Land War in Asia (1st Place GNK Berkeley)

Murphy 1388

I dropped 1 game to Jack-Out CT but won against Whiz, 100 card deck Maxx (this deck was amazing), Spy Camera Hayley (timed win).

This was part of our April's Fools tournament where some of us brought funny decks. I was trying to put together a silly Custom Biotics list or Spark with ALL the Ads but ran out of time. So I modified a Tennin deck I had been messing with.

I added 2 Archived Memories, a Tollbooth, and shifted to more DNA Tracker and Ronin.

The game plan is simple. Trigger Tennin as much as possible. Ice up centrals hard. Start advancing stuff on the board. Trigger Mushin A LOT. That is what the Archived Memories are for. More Mushin!

The goal with this list originally was to fight against Temujin. You deny them Temujin by never giving them a good remote target and putting taxing ice on centrals. It works pretty well but isn't at all easy to play.

Don't play Ice Wall in Tennin. If you need the Trick of Light back up plan, you are playing Tennin wrong. Lean into the ability hard and get advancements Tennin style.

3 Apr 2017 Sanjay

I love this and love you.

3 Apr 2017 Murphy

@Sanjay <3