Nap and Vap

Pantacruel 79

There is an urban legend, among the high rise socialites of NeoTokyo, that bitcoins are the safest way to protect your money. There is very convincing data that the runners will never have the ability or raw power to tinker with the Bit, and so money has gradually pooled away from banks. People walk around with off the grid implants in the back of the skull, only accessible through direct neural link through the eye.

There is a joke, among the anarchist and criminal elements of the Chiba slums , that taking the bitcoin safety protocols too seriously will get you killed. Max knew this all too well. The con was simple. Start at the Wyldside with Princess Space Kitten. Get the mark drunk, drugged, horny, whatever his or her fancy. Go home together. Do it in the morning...

Slowly, the horrible reality of lying horizontally was creeping down from her brain into her stomach, wave after wave of crashing nausea. God damn Wyldside parties with the hacktivist pals always had this effect. She rolled to one side, sensing that any other position would add thunder to the waves, and overlooked her apartment.

It was completely trashed. F... this.

She rolled in the other direction. A darkly tanned shoulder blocked her view. Black short spiky hair. And a spicy fragrance of sweat. Max licked the back of the neck. Salt and a hint of cardamon. Nothing moved but the slow steady breathing of the sleeper. Max pulled a thin wire from inside her mouth and glued it with her saliva to the base of the sleeper's neck.

She closed her eyes, found the link to the sleepers implant. As the bitcoins started to swirl into view, she had a dream of falling, falling towards a horrible sea of eyes and translucent flesh.

She woke with a yell. The sleeper turned, disconnecting the wire which automatically wound up in her mouth. Instead of a face, Max was staring at a screaming skull. Just like the old gipsy women had said.


Max woke with a jolt from her console where she had been napping. God damn cheap drugs. For the 1st time in a long time, she wondered how her hacktivist friends lived their lives...

How to play this deck.

Opening hands are very dependent on the corp and the meta. If you need to go fast, find Wyldside. If you need to pressure early, try to find Faust. But don't worry if you don't see Faust. You can always call him back. If you are on the Faust track, try to get Ice Carver down.

Don't worry about anything. Just keep drawing and trashing your deck. Have Trope down by turn 3 and another one by turn 6. Kati is ok but not critical so don't spend too much time clicking her. She actually is a good target for MCA Informant^^ You want to get the Wyld Pancake combo up and running asap.

But sometimes you wont. If you have Faust out, playing against CTM, don't worry too much if you get tagged by a Hard Hitting News and you can't clear everything. Assess how close you are to decking yourself. If you are close, don't bother reinstalling Wyld Pancake combo.

You will not be installing a lot of your cards on the way to decking yourself the 1st time. Try to get at least one or two naps. Almost always use your 1st Same Old Thing for Rebirth. Then it's Nap time.

I usually Rebirth 2 or 4 cards away from 1st decking. Choose something corp relevant.

Fire your first Trope about the same time you Rebirth. Target whatever you want, but you must Nap. No nap is sad. Try to have another Trope ready.

You have cards to pressure simultaneously RnD, HQ and unprotected assets (Maw). And when you are in the money, it's vamp time. Just keep vamping and napping. It's the old Nap and Vap.

Other fun stuff is Frame Job when the corp will try to exchange an agenda for another. Bad pub is great for your expensive breaker suite.

And of course Singularity, the most hilarious card of all. Pay 4 and two clicks, and you can trash an entire server (Ice not included).

Why is there a Drive By? Because the MWL v.3 is coming soon and I wanted this deck to still function (Faust will be triple starred). When the MWL is implemented, just cut the Drive By and you should be all good.

Please enjoy, like, comment and go take a nap. Seriously, you look like hell.

All props go to @stimmyrobbins for the basic build and bouncing some ideas. The original is here:

11 Apr 2017 Pantacruel

PS: Enjoy it while it is hot. After rotation in Septemberish, the following cards fall out so this becomes unplayable:

Vamp Nerve Agent Frame Job Singularity Queen's Gambit

12 Apr 2017 stimmyrobbins

@Pantacruelworth a favourite for the story alone. Nice deck looks fun.