Ice Age Hayley

bakunin75 64


Yeah glacier is finally viable again, time to click all these annoying ice away. With the new MWL in place, the idea is to run 1x Sifr, 1x Parasite and make it consistent with being able to tutor for it with Fan Sites and Artist Colony.

Mulligan for ProCon, Fan Site, Diesel and money cards to set up. Once they score you are able to tutor stuff with Artist Colony.

The list runs very few breakers, courtesy of SMC and Fan Sites. Atman at 4 is king once again, the 2nd Atman is flexible, but most of the time another Atman at 0 is the way to go. My reasoning for Cyber Cypher is to contest the big code gates, if you don't have access to ParaSifr. Mimic contests a bunch of the sentries that are played and is always a nice choice.

To help contest remotes with defensive upgrades (again and again and again, courtesy of friends..) Councilman and Interdiction can be helpful. Paricia to help a little against horizontal decks. To be prepared for long games and have more redundancy there is a Levy and a Same Old Thing. Your win condition like in all shapers will be Indexing -> Mad Dash

At last, the 2nd Aaron is a flexible deckslot in my opinion with plenty of stuff to play around: Clot, Vamp, PolOp's, ..


21 Apr 2017 tonybluehose

I like the response to the MWL Challenge. You don't want me to run ┼×ifr? I'm run it anyway. Wasn't there a hardware tutoring card? Levy University...wait, no...Chatterjee University ...dammit...I can't think of it--If I recall, whatever the card was called, it was kind of slow and wonky. However, it could be another way to go and get your console.

21 Apr 2017 Krakow Sam

Tyson Observatory - Given the cost in clicks and deckslots I'd say it would only be worth running in a deck with more powerful one-of hardware.

24 Apr 2017 bakunin75

Yeah Tyson.. you need to draw Tyson itself, install it for 2 creds, 2 click ad sifr to grip, install sifr for another click. Thats just .. bad. Fan Site and Artist Colony is a 2 piece combo but a lot more flexible and also pretty consistent.