Bioroid Stock Exchange

Casshern1324 15

Ever feel like playing bad cards? Want to ruin your opponent's day with a strength 8 Chimera that you rez for free and gives you 3 credits on rez? Want to score an Executive Retreat without ice? Then this is a deck for you!

Not really, just a jank deck that I think has potential in a world without Rumor Mill or Sifr. But should you face a Maxx or Whizz running both, you're in for a bad time. Cutlery isn't the end of the world with Friends. Face checking a strength 14 Bulwark is brutal. Asset spam with 0 Jinteki is weird, yet fun.

Overall, this deck is super fun, and could maybe evolve into something better. I'm not sure whether 54 card is correct or not, but Museums and the extra assets help.

26 Apr 2017 LynxMegaCorp

IUSE is a favorite; great to see it getting attention. I always feel like Subliminal Messaging goes in every IUSE deck. 2+ credits per turn if the runner doesn't run? Why not!? :)

Wouldn't hurt to replace 1 PAD Campaign with a NASX (which also plays nice with SubMes).

26 Apr 2017 Casshern1324

I didn't even think to put in Subliminal Messaging. I'll probably swap a Scarcity of Resources for it. As for NASX, it's a fantastic card and would generate ridiculous value in this list, so I'll probably swap that in for a PAD Campaign as you recommended. I never use it properly, I feel, but this seems like a great chance to learn.

27 Apr 2017 Oooer


The play to aim for is to have an NASX and 1 or more IUSA installed (Pad Campaigns would be a bonus too), a SubMes in hand or in archives with no runner run last turn) and a reasonable amount of credits on hand to invest (8+).

For this example, let's assume you managed to get 2 IUSA on the board and have 8 credits on hand, with a hedgefund in your grip.

Before you start your turn, Rez NASX, triggering both IUSA, for a net gain of 0 credits. The IUSA triggers then allow you to spend 4 credits to place 4 power counters on NASX.

At the start of your turn gain 1 credit from NASX and redraw SubMes if possible.

Play Hedgefund, gaining 4 credits, as well as 2 more credits from each IUSA. Spend 6 credits placing 6 power counters on NASX (3 separate credit gaining card abilities).

Play SubMes, gaining 1 credits, as well as 2 more credits from each IUSA. Spend 6 credits placing 6 power counters on NASX, then gain a click from SubMes.

2nd click is flexible depending on your hand, you may be able to install and rez a Jackson Howard or Sandburg for example, earning you 2 credits and spending 4 credits to place 4 power counters on NASX.

Last click, claim NASX which now has 20 power counters, totaling 40 credits. Smile as your Sandburg is now giving all your ice +8 strength.

27 Apr 2017 Casshern1324

Thanks, @Oooer, that's actually incredible. I imagine that's near +60 credits with a third IUSE? I'd need more startup capital, but that still sounds amazing. I don't have enough credit tokens...