ARRG! Ayla Rahim Rude Girl (2nd FFG regionals)

FreqKing 237

Sure, you could call it obsession. Many great people have incredible focus. I'm just saying I love Snitch/Au Revoir with a passion (too much?....nah) and rotation is looming so this is my Terminal Directive update to the Rude Girl archetype posted by Nobo.

The Rude Girl shell is strong and I've played it often and had a ton of fun. I see the influence as essentially optimal from the original build so nothing changes there.

Building your combo with Ayla is faster than Chaos Theory because you are setting up your NVRAM then developing your opening hand from a 41 card deck. NVRAM spots should be prioritized for setup speed. Keep Snitch or Au Revoirs obviously. Stashing your untutorable Freedom Through Equality or Mad Dash is fine too. Or your less tutorable Film Critic, Feedback Filter (against Jinteki) and/or Turning Wheel. Having these clutch pieces safely away from damage until you are set up is a strong consideration.

Moving out of Chaos Theory means we need additional memory. This is accomplished first with additional Akamatsu Mem Chips. You want the fastest possible set up. Even though deck slots are tight and you might consider a card that offers more memory I think the low cost of Akamatsus is key, allowing you to fire your Quality Times with more confidence. Leprechaun is replaced by Dhegdheer. Only Hyperdriver and SMC use more than one memory in this build and you can easily work around having both installed at once. So Leprechaun really just replaced the 1 mem it used plus one extra slot for Hyperdriver or SMC. Dhegdheer is superior here because it can be installed even after all your memory slots are eaten up and if you can drop it early, it pays for itself in free Hyperdriver installs and savings on recurring Clot. This build runs slightly more memory overall allowing you to have your full rig installed without the use of Dhegdheer, which is your flex spot.

So, with faster setup speed but more card slots some additional tech pieces go in. Mad Dash and Freedom Through Equality are to accelerate your win. Councilman for your Nisei/Batty woes (but also SanSan City grid or the occasional Sandberg). Beth, cause, Beth. An additional click is fantastic late game when you are netting 3 credits and a Turning Wheel counter with it.

Once you're set up, the game plan is remote camp, leveraging Clot/Clone Chip/Sacrificial Construct. I generally Snitch R&D building Turning Wheel counters and credits. Hit HQ if you suspect they are holding agendas. Often you'll have the power counters to see their entire hand but balance this against your need for New Angeles City Hall. Other than that, you're building tokens for an eventual huge R&D dig. Double digit final digs are common and ideally you'll play one or both of Mad Dash and Freedom to close out the game.

Some considerations:

You have recursion only for programs. Turning Wheel is really key to your victory. I've thought quite hard about having two and dropping a Clone Chip. This hurts your game against fast advance but it's a scary world with Voter Intimidation and Hunter Seeker out there. I'm waiting to see how influential Skorpios is. Losing it just makes you a runner that prints money, so it's not the worst.

You should be able to mitigate to some extent Skorpios and Batty trashes with SacCon and Councilman. Your remote steals are on Film Critic, mitigating Hunter Seeker, Ben Musashi, and Obokata Protocol. But, there is an argument to made for back up breakers, Film Critic, and/or one more SacCon. Time will tell but as of now win faster seems like a strong strategy against anyone as opposed to teching hard against specific problems.

Study Guide could as easily be switched back to Gordian Blade. You're trading off slightly earlier aggression for mid- to late-game domination which is where this deck typically shines.

27 Apr 2017 Sanjay

This is a really smart answer to the question "why would I be specifically interested in the efficiency Bios gives me when I could just be Hayley or Kate?"

27 Apr 2017 FreqKing

I do think quickly assembling combos is Bios' main advantage and this particular style of deck can be competitive but is highly reliant on rapid assembly. Basically she's Shaper Andromeda.