Rude Girl

nobo 1841

This is the SF Rude Boys team list for Gencon '16. It was discovered a few months back by @hatsuyume and we've been working on it since. Our team all comfortably made day two with it. #swissStomper

@nobo715 7th place
@joseki 12th place
@hatsuyume 36th place

8 Aug 2016 WhackedMaki

What are your thoughts on Study Guide over Gordian Blade? It takes a little longer to set up, but once it's up it's way cheaper. I played this type of CT over a year ago, and did well with it even in the days of Fastro, and Study Guide worked very well for me.

8 Aug 2016 LSK

This is a pretty sweet list! I was underwhelmed by the version of this list that I made but I wasn't playing cards that are clearly key to this build like NACH and Film Critic. Nice list.

8 Aug 2016 hatsuyume

i finished day one in 8th place. if my final finish seems low considering that, its because i scooped my last round. this deck is cool and good

8 Aug 2016 dodgepong

How useful did Clot turn out to be with Fastro gone, in your experience?

8 Aug 2016 moistloaf

Were you happy with it in the cut?

8 Aug 2016 JuneCuervo

@WhackedMaki - setup time is everything in this deck. Making any sacrifice to your setup time without tremendous benefit is probably not worth it. G blade is great when you're on infinite money anyway. :3

@dodgepong - I installed and kept clot in play for the great majority of my matches vs yellow and hb FA, which was about 5 games. I think I would have lost without it certainly.

8 Aug 2016 rojazu

what pieces are you prioritising to search for with your SMC/colony?

do you use hyperdrivers to accelerate setup or for the power turn?

8 Aug 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Nobo715 Let me know if you wanna come on the channel to go over the deck.

8 Aug 2016 FoilFlaws

@Joseki you were on two FC, did you cut to one SacCon?

8 Aug 2016 JuneCuervo

@FoilFlaws I cut the feedback filter since I did not expect net damage to be a popular choice in the tournament. There ended up being two IG in the top8, so this list was better positioned. If you draw and install feedback filter you can't really lose to IG once you are setup. I was counting on whizzard scaring away the IG players. =)

8 Aug 2016 hutch9514

I believe this is the list I watched accessing 8 cards with a 70 strength snowball ;)

8 Aug 2016 ruby_fell

@Nobo715, @hatsuyume, @Joseki did you guys run into Dan's IG (or similar decks)? Seems pretty great there.

I second @rogedavi's question: what do you do with the hyperdrivers?

Was memory an issue? I assume you want the full Au Revoir/Snitch package, and the full breaker suite eventually. That's 7, which is all the memory you have (counting Leprechaun as just a +1). Did you just use 2 Au Revoir in matchups where you want Clot?

8 Aug 2016 JuneCuervo

@ruby_fell you usually don't want the sentry breaker if you want clot. Those decks have ice that NACH usually powers right through.

Hyper drivers do whatever you need at that time. They range from I've had worse to +9 credits and 3 wheel counters.

8 Aug 2016 procf

Tried your list quite few times. I had a lot of problems because setup seemed a bit to slow. Didnt you have this problem at gencon?

8 Aug 2016 rojazu

Escher seems like a worthwile include to deal with ebc/abt rezzed ice on outer hq/rnd, also just for efficiency purposes.

9 Aug 2016 Saan

I'd imagine the Hyperdrivers are to throw on Leprechaun and either use as Diesel #4-6 or mega-bucks running with Snitch/Au Revoire. Sac HyperDriver, take 21 credits and 7 Turning Wheel counters sounds like a pretty good time to me.

9 Aug 2016 karlakas

How useful are the 2x Sac cons here? Any thought about putting in link cards vs CtM?

9 Aug 2016 igrekk

@karlakas I think one of them is slot for upcoming Beth Kilrain-Chang

9 Aug 2016 vreely

@karlakas The 2nd Sac Con killed my CI deck in round 5 with an Artist Colony lift to get it out. I wasn't expecting...

12 Aug 2016 Badeesh

I think set up time seems fine. The struggle (and it seems true with any program based econ package) is that you run out of cash quickly while building up. How have you worked around this issue? Quality Time is a huge culprit here in my experience so far. I want to use it, but then can't buy anything it gives me.

12 Aug 2016 igrekk

@Badeesh i found same problem, especially when you draw all the breakers while searching for pieces. They stuck in hand due to high install cost and very limited recursion ( only two clone chips). Also i find Leprechaun + Hyperdriver is pure "win more" combo, because both of them almost useless while your rig half-way done. I think it's possible to swap them for Workshop or even Modded.

12 Aug 2016 nobo

@igrekk you're going to play modded with only 4 targets in the deck?

A bold decision indeed!

12 Aug 2016 igrekk

probably dirty laundry or something, but in my experience Hyperdriver is too slow in midgame. Do you have any advice at this?

12 Aug 2016 igrekk

@Nobo715 what do you think about Golden? I feel very exciting to derez Archer

15 Aug 2016 Jcree8

I'm Having a hard time against glacier decks, no early pressure at all, sentries on HQ and RD only getting off 1 snitch run per turn making it hard to make any money or counters once set up. By the time it's a threat caprice and Ashe are installed everywhere. Any suggestions?

16 Aug 2016 nobo

@Creedsk8 why are you only getting one snitch run per turn? you know snitch works once per run right? you can use it four times a turn.

16 Aug 2016 nobo

@Badeesh You should only be keeping openings with access to at least one au revoir (so either au revoir or smc). Assuming you only ever draw smc's while setting up, it's still only 6 creds to get out a function opus. From there I don't see why qt is a problem. Yes, you shouldn't qt down to zero creds.

@karlakas Link doesn't really help against ctm. We tested a kate version with hoppers and it didn't really add anything. Just set up the rig and deal with bankers and sensies once you're out of hhn range. Leave pads.

@procfNo I did not have that problem. I got 7th at gencon with the deck and was quite satisfied with it. Part of the appeal is that it sets up extremely fast; you should have at least two au revoirs by turn two every game.

@rogedaviYeah that's actually the most interesting suggestion I've heard so far. Didn't cross my mind during testing. It might still be too situational, but I can think of games where it would have helped.

@hutch9514 I believe it was 9.

@moistloafYeah it was good. My runner loss was to caprice psi games. If I had won them I would have been in the clear. We should have put a councilman in the deck for this reason, but oh well.

16 Aug 2016 Jcree8

@Nobo715 Yes I see now my friend pointed that out to me. Guess I should read a card if I've never used it before.

18 Aug 2016 tzeentchling

Any problem with meat kill decks? No plascrete or hopper is kind of scary. I guess with the NACH and staying high enough on money you should be fine.

3 Sep 2016 Jcree8

@Nobo715 I've been playing the deck a lot and liking it, do you have any recent or new adds to the deck, I'm thinking of dropping a sac con for Beth, the two sac cons have been doing clot work for me though.

8 Sep 2016 wynalazca

@Creedsk8 I'm also loving this deck the last few weeks leading up to Canadian Nats. I've been having tons of success with it in practice. I'm looking for slots for 2 Beths and I think the 3rd hyperdriver is an obvious choice (Beth will net you way more than 3 clicks of value in the long run), and the 2nd slot I'm actually leaning towards dropping a Hedge since it's only great value is in the first 2-4 turns while paying for install costs. Hedge is always a bummer draw in the mid-game when searching for your breakers so you can start attacking. I don't think I'd drop a sac-con at all.

I'm actually really tempted to slot a Levy for some freak accident games where you get your rig blown out by AggSec or where you lose your Turning Wheel to Voter Intimidation or something.

8 Sep 2016 Jcree8

@wynalazca great ideas I think I'll drop a hedge, that 3 RD hyper driver does get trashed sometimes though so good point there also. Loosing a sac con would have hurt. I've lost turning wheel a couple times and the deck is still very strong just remote locking and getting single access on R&D, as soon as it's trashed I've been using the next couple turns to just money up over ashes. Fun deck all the way you still have to make choices sometimes, check remotes,trash assets, it almost gets into auto win territory late game but just not quite there. I think that makes it more fun you still really have to pilot this thing well. Film critic does work on so many levels in this deck also.