Tower Of Power

Pinkwarrior 2278

A glacier deck that aims to tax their runner out with with piles of ICE. Use Replanting & Interns to install ICE for free when it starts to get expensive & replanting can reset your Adonis Campaign to get some more value out of it at the same time. When the Glacier fails however theirs still FA to fall back on.

Marilyn Campaign for potentially infinite cash which is one of the reasons this list doesn't need ETF money.

Accelerated Beta Test helps save more money from installs and res's because of the ID you should pretty much be firing this every time you score it.

Elective Upgrade originally this was just an extra 5/3 necessity include to trim agenda density and allow some more deck slots. But its proved it's worth basically if you score this then you've probably won since you can now just FA the next 3/2's that come your way. It's also let me FA a 5/3 from hand one game thanks to double Biotic Labor in hand.

Seidr Adaptive Barrier is amazing with piles of ICE on a server and really fits the deck nicely. I've got one of these to str 9 with this list, add to it the power of NEXT ICE and you've got your self some taxing ICE for relatively cheap.

Ash 2X3ZB9CY is generally enough to protect the server when the ICE fails.

Holmegaard & NEXT Gold are problem bits of ICE their a little expensive to res though good at what they do i don't recommend hard res more than one of these as they put a huge strain on your econ. Brilliant form a cheated out ABT res however.