Brain Jelly Processing Agent (V.2)

Dead Drop 147

Maybe you remember this

My take on the "maybe a brain damage oriented deck will someday exist" line of thought.

I think that Black Level Clearance is a auto include and may be very good in a Breaker Bay economy style.

Marilyn help a little keeping R&D accesses safe.

The big surprise is Self-destruct. If you are building a big scoring server, you might as well exploding it ! A server with 2-3 upgrades, an asset and some ice might just flatline the runner who already had take 1 or 2 brain damage.

I'm not sure about the ice suit thought. Might need some advice here.

18 May 2017 Krams

Fenris is always a nice touch as facecheck-punishment in a brain damage deck. Screw the bad pub, it's not like you're really going to be able to tax them out with crdit costs for breaking anyways...
Or, you know, any other brain damage ICE... Maybe Executive Functioning as a gearcheck? Haven't tried that one, but it might be okayish.

What I would not recommend is using Seidr as a 3-of in a non-glacier deck with a medium amount of ICE. Wall of Static is cheaper and does nearly the same and Bastion does the same, without the extra setup needed.
Yes, I know, it's getting slightly better late game, when you have 3 ICE on a server, but that's not worth the weakness in the first crucial turns. And I don't really see this deck setting up servers with 4+ ICE to really make up for that.

18 May 2017 Krams

Oh, and Enforced Curfew is a nice addition if you can find the deckslot and the need for a current (to cancel out runner currents, screwing with your plan). Not critically important, but might be a nice feature.

18 May 2017 Trevyn

There's always Brainstorm as well, just to really screw with their day, and penalize them for having a big hand.