Killer Penguins (1st Copenhagen regional)

Shmeguy 1589

My corp for the BABW finals, going 3-2. Read the meta badly and played 4 siphon spam anarchs and a crim after cutting a turing (-1 BLC +1 Turing). @Terrificy won Copenhagen regionals with this deck.

The basic combo is:

Biotic -> Mirrormorph out a Brain Rewiring + Show of Force -> Hasty (pile 3 Shipments, any kind) -> AD -> advance one agenda a final time. In the action window, score Brain Rewiring, pay X where X = their hand, then score Show of Force. If shipments are missing they can be replaced with biotics.

All in all just a fun deck if you aren't in the mood for spam, but I would definitely have taken some form of spooky if I wasn't so out of the loop.

21 May 2017 lpoulter

This whole deck is a ruse. Well played.

21 May 2017 ShreffDaddy

Love the deck and I normally hate CI. How did you come up with the name and what's your plan for shaper clot crap?

21 May 2017 Shmeguy

@lpoulter in the end i was the rusee

21 May 2017 ANRguybrush

this is dumb. I like it.

21 May 2017 glassjoe

@ShreffDaddythe yellow part of the door in hasty relocation's art has been compared to a penguin's beak.

22 May 2017 percomis

Not just the beak, it also has a space helmet!

Space Penguin

22 May 2017 Ebrey

Are you sure that piling ANY kind of shipment for the AD is fine? Cause I'm not sure what a pile of Shipment from Mirrormorphs is going to do for you :P.

22 May 2017 ExperimentalData

Cool deck. How do you beat Leela though? Just try and score out somehow?

22 May 2017 Shmeguy

Yeah leela is no good but still easy if you have a lot of cards. Try mirrormorph 1 Rewiring and 2 Show of force, and then probably double hasty to score the show of force that doesnt get bounced, or play all your biotics.

24 May 2017 stoppableforce

I'm guessing the answer to Plascrete is 'play the deck like standard Hasty CI with a worse agenda spread,' yeah? On the Lam also came to mind, but (a) who plays that (b) the same solution to beat Leela - score 1 Rewiring and 2 Show of Force - works fine unless they're Geist (but now we're in edge case territory).

24 May 2017 Shmeguy

@stoppableforce Yeah against plascrete and on the lam you just have to try score out. I think its super hard to score 2 show of force to beat on the lam, might be better scoring out normally.

25 May 2017 BizTheDad

I lost to this deck last night. I was so confused when the combo happened.

I tried to create a Brain Rewiring kill deck a while back but I tried to do it out of ETF using Neural EMP. It didn't work as well. This seems so much more effective especially considering the deck has a dual win condition.

29 May 2017 Calcifer437

Would Jeeves do anything here? I'm thinking 5-click turns... you could even install it with MirrorMorph click 1 and be able to get the extra click that turn.

29 May 2017 Shmeguy

@Calcifer437I dont think there are slots for Jeeves, also you would still need a biotic on the combo turn, so jeeves kind of gives you a click you dont need. I think if you do want to try it you should cut a BLC.

31 May 2017 Mr_Console

I have never played CI before, but I sleeved this up and won 9/11 games over the last few days, 2 wins being from scoring out. Most of the runner decks played were tier 1 and 1.5. I really like this deck! Great work @Shmeguy!

I also wanted to confirm an interaction/timing thing. After you combo, am I correct in presuming there isn't a window for the runner to use Aaron MarrĂ³n counters between scoring Brain Rewiring and Show of Force because the corp fires all triggers before passing priority to the runner?

31 May 2017 Shmeguy

@Mr_Console glad to hear :) yes you are correct. The only effects that can fire are 'whenever an agenda is scored' so logos/leela saves you, or prevent effects (plascrete).

9 Jun 2017 Frogblast

Which means Geist can't be safe unless they can draw more than you have money... which shouldn't happen