Resource: Connection • Install: 2 • Influence: 2

Whenever an agenda is scored or stolen, place 2 power counters on Aaron Marrón.

Hosted power counter: Remove 1 tag and draw 1 card.

"You want to do business in Los Pistoleros turf, then you gotta deal with me."
Criminal • Aurore Folny • Quorum 106
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Aaron Marrón

This card looks like it's going to do a lot of work in this tag-heavy meta, but the card draw ability means he'll almost never be a dead draw in other matchups. Great addition to Criminal, along with stuff like On the Lam they're really being given a ton of tools to deal with the increasing amount of tag & kill options for Corp.

Some of the neat stuff you can do with this card:

  • Hard counters Breaking News: as soon as they score it you get 2 counters, use them to clear the tags and draw up! Breaking News + Exchange/BOOM! is one of the most potent combos in the game so anything that can straight up deal with that is fantastic. However you won't get counters when 24/7 News Cycle is played, and this doesn't help against the Power Shutdown/Accelerated Diagnostics combo as you don't have a paid ability window to clear tags.
  • For each agenda scored/stolen, you can clear Account Siphon tags for free and draw 2 cards without spending a click, almost like a free Lawyer Up.
  • If you make an unsuccessful run with John Masanori, you can clear the tag with a counter (and get the draw you wanted anyway!)
  • Clickless draw is very useful vs Jinteki decks that aim to kill you with some combo of Ronin/Bio-Ethics Association/Chairman Hiro. Getting a large amount of counters can be a bit tricky vs decks like IG that don't ever really score out, but the possibility is there.
  • Hard-Hitting News becomes much less taxing. Even with only one or two counters on Aaron you have a much better chance of making it through the huge tempo hit HHN can be.

All that aside, even against a non-kill no-tag deck Aaron can still provide you with somewhere between 5-15 clickless card draws across a game for only 2 credits! Criminal is generally considered the weakest runner faction when it comes to card draw so I think Aaron will give them a great boost in speed and survivability.

I think the way the card is worded you won't get to use it for draw unless you can also remove a tag. —
TGTBT gives you two cards on steal instead of a tag? That really IS too good to be true! —
@vor_lord I'm not sure that's the case, might need confirming but I think effects that can partially resolve are still able to be triggered. —
According to this thread on Stimhack you can use this with no tag. "UPDATE: So Jake just told me it works in a PM. "Aaron Marron says "draw a card and remove a tag". Because it's an "and", it is two effects smushed together into a single effect. As long as one of those effects can cause a change in game state, then the ability as a whole has the potential to change the game state and can thus be used." @jakodrako" —
Blanks PE and Argus. Who the hell thought this is a good idea? —

Aaron Marrón is the Beth Kilrain-Chang of Criminals.

Also, Marrón is pronounced "mah-RROAN," technically with rolled Rs. If you say it so it rhymes with Aaron, that's fine, but just know you're doing it wrong. :-)

While I see the comparison, AM completely outshines Beth in a few ways. Seems Anarchs didn't get their "super connection" this pack. Like they need it. —
It's prounced A. A. Ron —
@Waltzard When you don't draw into your 1x Marron, you're like, "A.A.Ron? Where are you? Where is A.A.Ron right now?" —, for the ~2 people on the internet who still don't know that reference —