Martian Sleepaway Camp: 15th place at DC Regionals (3/2)

Sanjay 3080

I took this to Regionals in DC and won a respectable but not astounding 3 out of 5 games. I finished 15th out of 37 with this deck and Grape Juice Ayla.

There's a more extensive write-up of the this list when I published it previously here.

I updated the ice suite and some of the cards to play around what I thought the meta would look like. I got stomped by Siphon Whiz and Faust+Laguna Hayley, and got wins vs. Smoke, Nexus Andy, and another runner whose identity I have forgotten.

I think the Ayla list is was really good but I don't think this list is especially powerful. 3/2 was a good result for it.

It's a really fun deck to play though and I would recommend it to anyone trying to have a good time in a casual setting.

12 Jun 2017 Conphas

Cheeky Mythic ice can ruin runners not teched for it.

Not speaking from experience or anything.

12 Jun 2017 Sanjay

@Conphas Packing solutions to mythic ICE: not just for CI matchups anymore.

12 Jun 2017 PureFlight

I'm curious - why do your lists have 2x each of Excalibur and MoGo? Maybe with 16 ice the dead draws (2nd copy of each) aren't as frustrating.

13 Jun 2017 Sanjay

@PureFlightMainly it's just a trade-off between wanting to see them more often and them being unique so not wanting to see them too often.