Martian Sleepaway Camp

Sanjay 2977

I've been working on this deck for the last few months. It's been one of my favorite decks to jam with in the casual lobby.

You can see the deck in action here.

In terms of results, I win much more than I lose with it in casual, and it got 2 wins, 2 losses, and a timed draw at a recent store champ. I think that's a pretty good showing of its relative power.

--Why I love the deck--

  1. The deck runs on a very low number of credits. Most of your ice is extremely cheap. Your traps all fire for free and are always on. All this means it is is a lot harder for your opponent to make you feel bad.

  2. It's really tedious to defend archives against Temüjin Contract and 3 Shock + 3 Space Camp mean you get to defend it with as little effort as possible.

  3. With the ability to kindly suggest the runner go check out an archives full of traps, the Mind Game routine is just delightful, especially for an ICE you paid 0 for.

  4. With an archives full of traps, dumping a Future Perfect into archives does wonderful things for your agenda density and often you suffer no consequences.

  5. If the runner makes a run just to shut off your Tennin ability and they hit a Space Camp you get to just laugh and laugh and laugh (to the extent that it is polite).

--Why the deck wins (sometimes)--

The theory behind the deck is to give yourself multiple potential win conditions so you can adapt your game plan based on what you draw, your opponent, and your opponent's deck.

The potential win conditions are:

Rush/Gear check

Mother Goddess and Ice Wall allow you to score out early agendas. A lot of runners don't pack an AI or a way to deal with mythic ICE, and you can severely punish them for it. If you can score out a Nisei MK II, you can then score agendas behind an Excalibur.

Fast advance

People don't slot the clot. Shame on them.

You are playing 4 3/2s and three Trick of Light. With three Space Camp, five advanceable ICE, and your Tennin ability, Trick of Light is usually on.

An Offer You Can't Refuse is a silly joke card, but if you are on six points, it can often win you the game when combined with Space Camps. Either they run into Archives and let you put a bunch of advancements on an agenda, or they give you a point. Welcome to space!

Never Advance

Shock! and Space Camp often make the runner reluctant to check that unadvanced card you put in the remote. You can punish them for their reluctance.

Trick of Light allows you to play Never Advance with Nisei MK II and sometimes The Future Perfect.

Trick of Light is also helpful because sometimes the runner leaves you alone because they don't think you have enough money to score out an agenda.

Caprice Nisei

You don't really have a good glacier plan, but Lotus Field, Mind Game, and Mausolus can be pretty taxing against the right deck, and Caprice as a multiplier to that tax is super rad.

Plus sometimes if you have a bunch of money you can just hope you are good at psi games and try and rush out behind a single ICE and Caprice. Why not?

--What if I want to play the deck?--

You should!

My main pointer would just be to conserve your Nisei MK II counter until it is absolutely necessary:

  • Definitely use it to score out another Nisei MK II.
  • Definitely use it to score the winning agenda.
  • Definitely use it to stop a run you know for sure is going to lose you the game but uggh, you might just be delaying the inevitable.
  • Probably use it to score The Future Perfect.
  • Probably don't use it to stop The Maker's Eye and the like.
  • Probably don't use it to stop Account Siphon.
  • Don't use it to stop random accesses.

If you want to tweak the deck, both Mausolus are cutable, so you have quite a bit of influence to play around with.

29 Mar 2017 CodeMarvelous

Sometimes you win two PSI games and FA a Braintrust to win

alt text

29 Mar 2017 FightingWalloon

Enjoyed the first have of the video. Hope to watch the second half soon. You really showed how the ID ability and some of your cards have a lot of synergy. Ice Wall was amazing in its versatility for you. I was trying to see what might substitute for Mausolus, but do not see an ice that fills its role very well. Plus, what would you spend extra influence on if you had it?

In the two games I watched, you never really had a chance to play AOYCR. I wonder if there might be a card with influence that could take that slot if you decided to swap out Mausolus.

Good luck with the deck development. I've enjoyed the videos you and Code Marvelous do together. I think that was a smart idea to team up.

29 Mar 2017 Sanjay

Thank you so much for watching and for the nice compliments.

Cutting An Offer You Can't Refuse is an excellent call if you are trying to free up deck space. In defense of the card:

The main two ways this deck can win are:

2 pointer + 2 pointer + The Future Perfect


2 pointer + 2 pointer + 2 pointer + one other source of points.

Some games you don't really get a great window to score The Future Perfect, but opportunities to squeeze out 3/2s and 4/2s will present themselves. In those games, when you find yourself stuck on 6 points, having a nice way to pick up a point without doing quite as much work is very welcome.

The deck used to run one fewer Braintrust and had two Clone Retirement, which is another nice cheeky way to score one point.

You can also play An Offer You Can't Refuse when you aren't on game point, to give the runner the annoying decision to run through a Crick and hit a bunch of traps or just give you a point. Occasionally you can catch them when they HAVE to give you a point or else die to Shocks.

Again, I think it's easily cut-able, but that's what it is doing there.

As for what to do with the influence, some potential ideas:

  • Ark Lockdown has neat synergy with Shock and might help Parasite spam matchups. It's not a card I enjoy playing, but it's certainly a very powerful card.
  • Turing seems like neat anti-AI hate which acts very similarly to Excalibur when combined with a Nisei counter.
  • I have a tough time finding the deck space and influence for News Team, but that seems funny, even if not very good. That's probably an entirely different deck, unfortunately.

In the original version of the deck, the Celebrity Gifts were Sweeps Weeks, so I suppose that's another option if you, like me, don't like showing the runner your secrets.

29 Mar 2017 Conduit23

That final turn in the last game was glorious. I'm hooked.

Going to try swapping Mausolus for Wormhole (SPAAAAACE!) and use the influence on a Boot Camp (more Camp, and every time Crick fires you can tutor another Space Camp or Shock!? Let the jank flow through you) and a Friends.

Also, forget cutting it, going to 2 An Offer You Can't Refuse because that is the best fast advance play in the known universe.

29 Mar 2017 hi_impact

What a cool and creative deck. I revisit the Space Camp archetype every few months and usually come up short.

This deck is an example of why I play Netrunner.

30 Mar 2017 rojazu

nice idea. well done

30 Mar 2017 Sanjay

@Conduit23 I don't really know if the deck has the econ to support 2x An Offer You Can't Refuse, but it's a hilarious card so if you want to play two just to make sure you draw one every game, more power to you.

Boot Camp sounds really cool. I'm typically not in that much of a rush to fill archives with traps (sometimes it's even nice to just let them linger in HQ to make running their less pleasant). But certainly if you are doing a more dedicated Offer plan it makes sense to get those Space Camps ditched faster.

Nebula might also be nice if you are gonna be playing constellation ICE. It's a giant sentry, which is a question that some runners don't have a good answer to, so that's neat.

30 Mar 2017 Snake Eyes

I really like the use of Mausolus out of Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within.

I'm not too keen on the dubs of Mother Goddess and Excalibur though. Cobra might be a good slot for it... I know you're looking for cheaper ICE here, but 4 cost for 2 nice subs is decent.

Do you need more recursion for your Trick of Lights? Something like a solo Preemptive Action or Archived Memories (if inf can be found) might be okay.


31 Mar 2017 Conduit23

@Sanjay 2x Offer is definitely just for consistency, because I love the play so much! Have even gone up to 2x Boot Camp to make sure Archives is ready..

Also trying 3x Medical Breakthrough instead of TFP, so I'm fully committed to the "rush/FA three 2-pointers then Offer for the win" plan. :D

Wormhole proved to be very hit-or-miss, but Changeling has been great for more reliable ETR.

I realize I've drifted pretty far off the course you set, but many thanks for the core idea, I'm having a BLAST! Current version:

31 Mar 2017 Sanjay

@Snake EyesI've mostly enjoyed having that much no-ai punishment. You certainly could cut an Excalibur since you only really need it in the late game.

I don't like Cobra in this deck because very few people facecheck sentries vs. Jinteki, and also I'm not really excited to pay four credits for an ice that doesn't win me the game. Cobra is an amazing card, but I haven't loved it in this deck.

@Conduit23 Changeling is an extremely cool include! Especially if you are going for a more traditional rush/gear check strategy, which it looks like you are. That list looks fun as heck. I love the agenda suite changes and I think the cuts you've made make a lot of sense.

The only problem with straying from my strategy too much is at a certain point you don't really need to credit me anymore, and what good is that for my ego. :) I'm certainly not the first person to come up with Space Camp + An Offer You Can't Refuse.

In fact, you might want to do some decklist searches on here for further inspiration.

12 Apr 2017 Sems37

Sanjay, it's a nice deck, and had several wins with it. especially for people who are not sure what to expect. But man, this deck hates Security Testing... just had all my nasty plans wiped away..