Why Settle For Anything But Your Favorite Breaker?

Sanjay 2657

Do you know how it feels having to drag yourself out of the bed in the morning, looking forward to your day with dread?

I'm sure you do.

Be honest, what do you have planned today? Probably some combination of:

  • Struggling to maintain the veneer of normalcy while playing in-person games of Netrunner, while internally screaming at the tedium of using breakers like Mongoose and Gordian Blade.
  • Heavily caffeinating yourself to stay awake playing on J.net. It's hard to be excited about Netrunner when you are paying more than 1 to break all the routines on a Komainu.
  • Working a job that probably has nothing to do with using one of the top 20 best fracters in the game.
  • Spending time with your friends and family where instead of the thrill of paying 8 credits for an AMAZING rig, you have to settle for love and support.

I used to feel that way.

Then I realized I didn't have to settle.

You know that old saying:

"If you love an icebreaker, don't play it for two years. If it finds its way into your decklist in 2017, your love was meant to be."

I've played 4 games with this deck and won an entire game, where the deck performed extremely well against Skorpios Defense Systems. Did you know Morningstar lets you get through Vanilla for ONLY ONE CREDIT???

FYI: that's also how many credits it costs to break Chiyashi or DNA Tracker. Pretty good.

P.S. Yes, you could play a version of this deck with Yog.0. What a great idea! A great idea, that is, if you like paying influence for the privilege of getting totally wrecked by Midway Station Grid. Stupid.

26 Jun 2017 Sanjay

I would like to offer my sincere apologies to everyone that this list is not actually good.

26 Jun 2017 Skeletons

Amazing. And as someone who used to play a Morning Star/Paintbrush/cutlery deck, I completely understand.

26 Jun 2017 scd

"Did you know Morningstar lets you get through Vanilla for ONLY ONE CREDIT???" should have perhaps been the deckname/Reddit post title.

27 Jun 2017 djkokakola

But...how does it break chiyashi at all....

27 Jun 2017 mrgoldendeal

@djkokakola Ice Carver + Null ability, I'm guessing