Sleeper Hold (SC Winner Just Games, Rochester, NY)

sperry 46

This deck, designed by @thebigboy, took me to first place in a 10-player store championship on 1/21/17. It took down Smoke, Dumblefork, Geist, Andy, and another Whizzard with no losses.

TheBigBoy posted his updated list today (check the inspiration section), and I like his changes. Enhanced Login Protocol is amazing, and 3 is better. It hurts Temujin economy and keeps people from trashing all the remotes while maintaining central pressure. Also, Employee Strike is everywhere and this deck makes even more money off the ID ability than other ETF builds. Fairchild 3.0 gets ridiculous when they can't run and break/Spoon it click 1, so a third is good when you can reliably have ELP up most of the time.

Yes, there is one spare influence -- I was anticipating a couple Val players and didn't want to deal with playing a 5/2 NAPD. Also, Corporate Sales Team money is really helpful as usually you aren't swimming in cash. I didn't think the deck needed any 1-influence cards more than the in-faction options already included.

It took me a little while to figure out the tempo of the deck. Clearly, you can't rely on building extravagant servers with only 12 ice, so instead you need to rush. Also, it is not a pure FA deck -- as nice as it would be to have a Cyberdex to stop Clot, you don't really need it if you focus on building a remote early and jamming. I won in the finals against Whizzard by scoring 6 points behind a Lotus Field and then Domestic Sleepers from hand. Against non-Shapers, Biotics are a nice alternative plan and often score me one, maybe two agendas.

At this point, I'm pretty much just copying things TheBigBoy has said in Slack and on his lists/blog. Check out the original blog post at