Sleeper Hold (with Friends)

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Sleeper Hold (SC Winner Just Games, Rochester, NY)
Sleeper Hold
Sleeper Hold (1st place ChiLo City Grudge Match)
Sleeper Hold (with Friends) Homebrew
Sleeper Hold (with Friends, Estelle and Shipments from SanSa
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TheBigBoy 8931

So many people keep asking for this list that I figured I'd just republish it with all my updates.

This is probably the best fair, non-CtM Corp right now. Give it a shot if you hate scum and are bored of tags.

22 Jan 2017 Dazzling

Any thoughts on swapping 1 Jackson Howard for 1 more Friends in High Places?

22 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

Jackson as a draw engine is incredibly important for your early game. Draw 2 install 2 is your ideal turn for turns 2-4. Friends is only useful about after turn 7-8 so I don't want to see it early at all.

22 Jan 2017 mohaymen

Do you need an ark to deal with clot since you're all about fast advance? And what current are you worried about that is requiring you 3 enhanced login protocol?

22 Jan 2017 lunchmoney

Domestic Sleepers? What am I missing?

22 Jan 2017 frost-duty

So, I've been playing almost this exact version for the past few weeks, and it feels like it's in a terrible place in the meta right now (and I would like you to correct me if you think this is wrong!)

There seems to be a huge amount of slums about and in at least 50% of my games I find my assets are just being removed and providing me very little benefit and simply leaving me with a weak ice suite (although nicely resistant to sifr) and no real plan other than to pray I find bitoics left right and center.

22 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

@frost-dutyI've been getting slummed every game. It's fine. You will always have an AAL (or killed ice) in the bin to target with w/e TS fires you get.

You have to work-compress with your assets. Don't just put them down aimlessly. Put them down when it's hard for the runner to run them. Vs whiz with slums, put down 3 at a time. Then 2 the next turn. Plan ahead and get maximum value from all your cards.

22 Jan 2017 vor_lord

@lunchmoney I played the previous version of this deck a lot. I think I scored Domestic Sleepers in almost every game I won.

23 Jan 2017 JimmyDeemo

@lunchmoneyYou should check out @TheBigBoy's original write up on the Run The Net blog for more info on the sleepers.

If I have your attention too Abram, might I ask if the motivation for this update was primerily Sifr?

24 Jan 2017 Fridan

Been running various tweaked version of the original list through store champs and it's been performing very nicely. I've used that NAPD influence on a Crisium (I had 2 at one point) which has been helping vs Siphon, Medium etc. It's a great target for Sponsorship or Friends.

Is Jeeves still working for you without the Shipment? I like the Vitruvius counter and scoring the 4/2s, but I'm wondering if another kind might be more impactful in that slot.

24 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

Jeeves helps you score GFI and just generally speeds you up. He gives you small advantages with a large trash cost so you can leverage him over a long period of time if people fight your other assets.

25 Jan 2017 Krasty

Isn`t problem Clot? What about to find place for Ark Lockdown?

25 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

Only shapers have clot and they suck at trashing things and having central pressure. Just rush hard, spam assets and Never-advance behind FC3. Make them use chips on other things and you'll land some biotics.

28 Jan 2017 Bigboss017

how do i deal with sifr in this deck?

28 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

What do you mean? It only matters against 4 of your ice! This is probably the best ice suite against sifr in the game right now.

30 Jan 2017 Acatalepsy

Thoughts on using Violet Level Clearance (maybe instead of the Blue)? I suspect it would make turn structures awkward but the sheer draw and econ are powerful, especially you regularly go down to 2 cards playing things with Lateral.

16 Mar 2017 FightingWalloon

No Hedge Fund? Heretic!