Saboteur Steve ver. β

obscurica 1302

Played the previous version of this vs Sam Suied's Moon deck today, and immediately ran into a number of issues.

One, obviously, I'm nowhere near as good a player as him, and I was approaching Steve's playstyle wrong. Rather than setting up for a proper run, I was still playing it as if it was my Ken Tenma reckless-running deck, and kinda just petered out hard trying to dig through R&D and HQ as fast as possible, rather than drawing heavily and checking Moons' primary assets. On his advice, at least I have a better gameplan for that specific style now.

Second: hm, let's not play Fisk Investment Seminar in a meta where the corp wants to dig as deep as possible. Earthrise Hotel is a better deal overall.

Third, and interestingly: I thought I could use Bloo Moose to at least absorb the incidental extras from Steve's ID ability, but it turns out that this was a lot more rare than expected. In two games, I think I only made six credits overall off of the Moose -- no matter how you cut it, that's a waste of three card slots. In general, I'd rather have recurring access to threats multiple times than a bit of credit once.

So let's flip the script and assume that Steve runs HQ enough to burn through the Heap. In fact, Steve tends to burn through resources pretty quickly in general: he wants to draw a lot of cards to play a lot of painful events to spit back out after an HQ run, or make a healthily-large bank account. If we put in a couple of Bug Out Bags, that lets him run more aggressively -- both in terms of cards played and into Jinteki facechecks. Round out with a Symmetrical Visage, and the first click of every turn is instantly a lot more efficient.

Why not three Bags? Because I suspect having multiples in your post-mulligan hand's kinda difficult to work with. You generally want to see those after making a sizeable wallet.