Death Equals Redemption

Sanjay 3077

I brought this to a "Goodbye to Genesis and Spin cycle" GNK.

Title is borrowed from this TV Tropes article, and I think it is pretty on point.

The goals of the deck:

1) Rehabilitate GRNDL's image before they shuffle off their mortal coil

2) Boom some runners, shuffling off their mortal coil for them

3) Elizabeth Mills and Jackson Howard didn't get story cards explaining where they went like Financial Collapse, BOOM!, and On the Lam. I would give them one in Restoring Face.

How did I do? I went 1-3 as far as actually winning my games, but I did decently at my goals:

1) I boomed Whizzard. He ded.

2) I removed a lot of bad publicity thanks to the Elizabeth Mills + Restoring Face "combo". We are good guys now! Everyone likes us because we murder our employees!

3) I think I provided a pretty good story explanation for where GRNDL went: they were repeatedly wrecked by lots of runners, and they went out of business.

I did NOT manage to Restoring Face Jackson Howard so his mysterious absence post-rotation is still unexplained.

Endnote: I should qualify, especially for the sake of fans of Elizabeth Mills, that the results of this tournament are in no way canon. The only cannon is the one that blew up Whizzard's house with him in it.