Invasion of Privacy

phette23 2237

We did a "post-rotation send-off jank tournament" where the idea was to focus on a (janky) card that's rotating. I chose Invasion of Privacy because the dream is that you IoP & wipe out their whole hand, then Neural EMP for the flatline. Or, if they have a single program or hardware in hand, you can still Salem's or double Neural with Jeeves.

Turns out I never needed that and mostly won off of Mushin Cerebral or Reeducation then Neural. This deck went 3-1 in the tournament; all wins were flatlines. Good enough for me :)

18 Sep 2017 aleph_c

I tried this sort of idea out of Making News once (bonus credits for the Invasion of Privacy trace), and I think what you really want to elevate this jank is Snoop. It lets you get information of when the runner's privacy is ripe for invasion and can even give you clickless pseudo-Neurals.

19 Sep 2017 CaKnuckleguy

Snoop be gone ain't it?